The ability of a company to increase its sales through time can say a lot about its sustainability as a business. More so, it can be a sign for the development of their corporate processes especially in terms of customer relation and product exposure and improvement. It is necessary for businesses to create an action plan that can help its operations supply the needs, wants, and demands and consumers so that the company can achieve its sales target market and goals.

If you want to increase the sales of the business, having an action plan on hand can help you a lot. With this tool. You can easily identify the things that you can implement so you can further improve the quality of your services and/or products. Also, it can help you to get a wider market reach, which in the long run can be translated to actual corporate sales. We have put together different kinds of action plans that you can use for particular activities in relation to your aspiration to increase your sales.

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of a Sales Action Plan

There are some things that you need to consider when creating a sales action plan as they can directly affect the effectiveness and usability of the specified tool. It is important for you to keenly look into these items so you can ensure that your action plan can work best to your advantage. Here are some of the factors that you need to be aware of when creating an effective action plan for increasing sales:

  • The measures of your call-to-action. When creating a sales action plan, you always have to be realistic. Your call-to-action should be measurable so you can easily identify whether you can achieve it or not. If you will use objective measures when creating your action plan, then it will be easier for you to find ways and strategies on how you can achieve it. Being focused on your objective can help you create a sales action plan that truly works.
  • The time frame that you will follow the action plan execution. The time duration, as well as the timing of your sales action plan, should be considered in a major manner. You can only execute activities and other processes if it is necessary for the current needs of the businesses. The implementation of an action plan will not increase your sales if you have used it in a time duration where it is not needed. As an example, if you run a resort, using a sales deal or a special promo for your rooms can be a great way for you to encourage foot traffic. However, it will not be successful if it is summer or during peak months of operations as it can only lessen your potential sales since you can get a lot of attention from customers during these time duration.
  • The workforce that you will work with. A sales action plan can help the business increase its sales if you will make sure that the people who are involved in its implementation are well aware of their responsibilities. Conduct meetings about the planning and execution of sales activities so that you can ensure that every person in the workforce will feel that their functions are relevant to achieve the sales goals and aspirations of the business.
  • The dissemination of the call-to-action to the stakeholder. Aside from letting the workforce know their responsibilities, it is only essential for you to ensure that you will use the maximum strengths, abilities, skills inventory, and talents of the employees of the business. If you will disseminate tasks properly and accordingly, then you can achieve great results from the implementation of the sales action plan.


How to Create an Action Plan for Increasing Sales

Developing an action plan is based on a case-by-case basis. There are some action plans that are already a part of the annual planning of the business while there are also some that may be created due to the effects of external factors like trends and competition. If you want to create an action plan for your business in relation to the sales increase that you would like to achieve, here are the steps that you may follow:

  • Identify the purpose of the action plan creation.
  • Acknowledge the current financial condition of the business.
  • Refer to the previous sales action plans used by the company to see whether there are continuous activities and results that can be identified.
  • Create a list of the sales problems and threats that are needed to be addressed.
  • List the measures and actions that the business can implement to reduce or remove the impact of the sales threats.
  • Develop a timeline that will be used as a reference for the action plan implementation.
  • Execute the action plan accordingly.


Tips in Developing an Action Plan for Increased Sales Processes

The creation of a sales action plan is a tedious and intimidating process as you need to be aware of the financial condition of the business. If you are working on numbers and other financial data, then being realistic about the goals of the business and whether it can be achieved or not for a certain time period must be first in mind. Listed below are some tips that you may incorporate into the development plan of your business’s own action plan if you will use it for possibly increasing your actual sales:

  • Do not base your action plan on the action plans used by your competitors. The activities of the business with the same nature of operations as your company depends on the current situation that they are experiencing. With this, the action plan that they will execute to increase their sales may not be applicable to your operations.
  • Be organized when creating your action plan. In terms of increasing sales, there are both external and internal factors that are necessary to be considered. Hence, you need to expect that you will be working on a lot of data. If you will not be organized, then there is a big possibility that you will not focus on the important factors that can affect the effectiveness of the action plan that you will create.
  • Be time bound. The timeline that you will follow is very important as it can make or break the success of the action plan execution. Again, familiarize yourself with proper timing, resource allocation, trends, and the activities of your competition. Being able to implement your action plan in a timely manner can help you achieve the sales target that you would like to have.


May it be headed by the sales or marketing department, your action plan should not only involve a portion of the business. The management needs to showcase their support from time to time so all stakeholders of the business can be aware of the development of the action plan. Through the continuous and consistent implementation of an action plan, then a company can easily identify whether the processes implemented can truly affect the sales of the business positively.

If you like to create an action plan but is unaware of how to develop one, browsing through downloadable action plan samples can help you gather references and inspiration. Ensure that both the content and format of your action plan are understandable and usable so you can get the impact that you would like to have in using the specified tool within your operations.

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