Ever had to inform someone of a certain event or activity that will take place in a different area? Or maybe you just needed to tell someone something but they are currently unavailable? Then you need a notice. A notice is a type of note you use to notify a person. Writing a notice is as simple as writing a note, but with more format.

There is a legal notice format and procedure you could follow if the purpose of your notice involves issues about an agreement you made with a partner. These issues, however, must have a relevant purpose, meaning, whatever the issues the writer of the notice has, the receiver should either involve the breach of contract or some forms of criminal acts.

What Is a Notice Used For?

A notice is used as a means of informing others about a certain topic. In the most common case, a notice is used as a means of eviction or removal of someone from the premises, in which a 30-day notice sample form could be used to allow the reader of the notice a heads-up on when they are expected to be evicted. It can also be used as a form of warning.

Format of a Well-Written Notice

  • As of all notices, it is needed that you write the word Notice on the top of the document in a capital and bold format.
  • You should also include the date the notice has been issued so as to easily determine the end of the required 30-day period of preparation the law requires you to give to the receiver. However, in some cases, a two-week notice email could be sent to the receiver, but this depends on the urgency of the notice.
  • Indicate the reason or reasons for the notice being sent to the receiver. Explain the reasons in great detail so as to back up the reason of the purpose.
  • Indicate the 4 Ws: what, when, where, and who. This should be indicated so as to clarify any doubts of who should receive the notice.
  • Identify yourself and affix your signature on the notice.


How to Write a Notice

Writing a two weeks notice or any type of notice is actually quite simple. For this explanation, we will be focusing on the generic format of a notice. To write a notice, you will need to do the following:

  • Write the purpose of the notice directly below the enlarged NOTICE word, and also indicate the date you have written the notice.
  • In the body of the notice indicate the location, time, place, and who are involved in the activity the notice is for.
  • Have all the officials involved in the activity sign the notice so as to authorize its release.


Note, some of the tips written above can be used in making an eviction notice as well. However, the best way to make an eviction notice would be to use a well-made eviction notice template as a frame and just fill it out.

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