When you enter a building or sometimes an establishment, the first thing that you would see is a front desk or a reception area. Guest or visitors are normally entertained first in this area as they are asked what is their reason of visit or transaction purpose. After determining their intent they are given instructions what to do next. Front desk activities are not limited to such as they still have other duties and responsibilities that goes beyond customer interaction. A efficient front desk operations are often also met with challenges, which is why front desk evaluations are important. To know more about keep reading this article and check out below our various front desk evaluation samples.

3+ Front Desk Evaluation Samples

1. Front Desk Receptionist Evaluation

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2. Front Desk Agent Evaluation

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3. Front Desk Performance Evaluation

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4. Staff Front Desk Performance Evaluation

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What Is a Front Desk?

Front Desk Job is often associated with the hotel industry which is correct since front desk operations are one of the most important departments within the hotel business. They are assigned to check in customers using computer programs and equipment and provide guests with directions to their room. Inform customers of all on-site amenities and any relevant information that is needed applicable. They also are in charge of  handling and resolve guest complaints. Other companies or some commercial buildings in fact have opt to require a front desk or receptionist to help handle clients with their initial concerns. They are the so called coordinators of an establishment. Allowing access to other employees, answer phones, transfer calls, schedule appointments, answer questions, give directions and manage the flow of traffic in the office.

How to Evaluate a Front Desk Performance?

One important task of a front desk clerk is their initial interaction with customers, thus they must practice good customer service skills. To be a good receptionist, a person must set their goals aligned with the key performance indicators of a receptionist as to which skills are very much needed in becoming one. Here are some general components that should be considered during the evaluation process.

1. Performance Standards

This should contain accomplishing responsibilities such as to be able to meet changing conditions and situations in work, job execution and resourceful and diligent in job responsibilities.

2. Productivity

What is the rate out put of a front desk clerk? This should measure the following such as: Maintains security and telecommunications system, informs visitors or guests by answering or referring inquiries, directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories and lastly maintains security by following procedures, monitoring logbook, and issuing visitor badges.

3. Organization

It is very important for a front desk office to be organize as this is one of the key skills they are called for to do. Such tasks should include maintains a clean, orderly and professional work area, supports continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions and irregularities. Avoids last minute completion of tasks due to keeping on schedule and having a grasp on time management.

4. Work Ethics

Work ethics or business ethics should be practiced in any given company. Employees must continue to uphold ideals of discipline and responsibilities such as consistently demonstrates strict adherence to policies and procedures.

5. Customer Service Skills

Since front desk operations involves customer interaction, a receptionist must be adept with their customer service skills. Examples of these would be problem solving skills, must practice empathy and good time management, learn to communicate clearly, knowledgeable with the products or services and most of all must have a pleasing personality.

6. Strength and Weaknesses

Like most evaluations, it should always include the strength and weakness of an employee in order to examine what factors needs improvement or should be maintained and further developed.

7. Goals

Lastly, objectives you set for yourself as this often with the help and oversight of a supervisor, to improve your professional skills, productivity or performance.


What Is a Desk Clerk?

A desk clerk or a general office clerk are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks, some of which can vary, depending on the industry in which they work.

What Is Work Performance Evaluation?

A work performance evaluation is a procedure that measures an employee’s work and results based on their job responsibilities.

What Is a Work Etiquette?

A work etiquette is a set of rules that govern the way people interact with one another in a business. These are the expectations of social behavior in a workplace.

A great receptionist can make all the difference in the ease with which your workday runs. They are considered front liners, the initial people you meet when you wish to interact or do business with an organization or establishment. And to be able to effectively run things smoothly, front desk operations should be continually guided and supervise to ensure a positive work flow process for the entire management.

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