The legal world is full of notarized papers, documents and slips that would serve as the documentation and proof of any legal transaction that has been made. One example of these document is that Affidavit of Undertaking. An affidavit is a written statement from an individual which is sworn to be true. It is an oath that what the individual is saying is the truth. An affidavit is used along with witness statements to prove the truthfulness of a certain statement in court. Affidavit of undertaking are documents that are presented in the court.

What is the difference between Affidavit and Undertaking? Actually an affidavit is a written for the facts, while on the other hand the undertaking is the promising in court and/or law proceedings or someone else. Since this involves legalities and delicate details, one could find this a hard thing to do. To help you with this difficult document, our site is offering you sample affidavit of undertaking templates that you can choose from based on any situation or context at hand. Browse among these templates and choose the one that satisfies your needs then customize it according to your preferences.

For other affidavit template needs, we also offer variety Affidavit of Residence, Affidavit of Execution, Affidavit of Paternity, Affidavit of Cohabitation, Affidavit of Complaint, Affidavit of End Ownership, Affidavit of Birth, Affidavit Surviving Spouse, Affidavit of Translation, and etc. Our site does not only offer you free and available templates but also give you necessary details about making this document.

affidavit of undertaking bundle

Download Affidavit of Undertaking Bundle

Affidavit of Undertaking For Lateral Entry


STATE OF [State] COUNTY OF [County]

I, [Your Full Name], residing at [Your Address], do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

  1. Introduction:
    • I am a legal adult of sound mind, capable of making this affidavit. This declaration is made voluntarily without any coercion.
    • I am aware that this affidavit is made for the purpose of my application for lateral entry into [Name of Program/Institution] and will be relied upon by the institution for my admission.
  2. Commitment to Comply:
    • I hereby undertake to comply fully with the academic regulations, policies, and ethical standards of [Name of Program/Institution]. I understand that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from the program.
  3. Transfer of Credits:
    • I understand and agree to the terms of credit transfer accepted by [Name of Program/Institution]. I affirm that the credits I wish to transfer are earned from an accredited institution and are relevant to my intended program of study.
  4. Financial Obligations:
    • I undertake to fulfill all financial obligations associated with my enrollment at [Name of Program/Institution]. This includes tuition, fees, and any other costs as outlined in the program’s admissions material.
  5. No Pending Disciplinary Action:
    • I declare that there are no pending disciplinary actions against me at any educational institutions previously attended. I have not been expelled or suspended for misconduct or academic failure.
  6. Disclosure of Records:
    • I consent to the release and exchange of my academic and disciplinary records between [Name of Program/Institution] and any other educational institutions I have attended, as necessary for the processing of my application.
  7. Accuracy of Information:
    • I affirm that all information provided in my application and this affidavit is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information can result in the rejection of my application or later disciplinary action.

I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and correct and in accordance with the laws of the State of [State].

SWORN and SUBSCRIBED TO before me this [day] day of [month], [year].

Signature: ______________________ [Your Full Name]

Notary Public: Signature: ______________________ Name: [Notary’s Name] Commission Number: [If applicable] My Commission Expires: [Expiration date]

affidavit of undertaking for lateral entry

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Affidavit of Undertaking To Submit Documents


I, [Your Full Name], of [Your Address], do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

  1. Affirmation of Identity: I am a legal resident of [City, State, Country] and possess the necessary identification to confirm my identity, including [mention any relevant ID like driver’s license, passport, etc., with ID number if applicable].
  2. Purpose of Affidavit: This affidavit is executed in accordance with the requirements of [Mention the organization, institution, or authority requiring the documents, e.g., “the Department of Immigration” or “XYZ University”] to affirm my commitment to submit the required documents within the stipulated deadlines.
  3. List of Documents: I undertake to provide the following documents to [Name of the Institution or Authority] by [Deadline]:
    • [Document 1, e.g., Birth Certificate]
    • [Document 2, e.g., Educational Certificates]
    • [Document 3, e.g., Proof of Residence]
    • [Additional documents as required]
  4. Reason for Delay (if applicable): The delay in the submission of the aforementioned documents is due to [State Reason, if applicable, such as “delays in document retrieval from third parties,” or “processing delays at the document issuing authority”].
  5. Commitment to Timely Submission: I hereby undertake to submit all the aforementioned documents in their correct and valid form by the stipulated deadline. I understand that failure to comply with this undertaking may result in [Mention consequences, e.g., “delay or denial of my application,” “legal action,” etc.].
  6. Declaration of Truthfulness: I affirm that the information provided in this affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that providing false information can lead to penalties under the law.

Sworn and Declared this ___ day of [Month, Year] at [Location, City, State, Country].


[Your Full Name]

Subscribed and sworn before me

[Signature of Notary Public/Judicial Officer]





affidavit of undertaking to submit documents

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Affidavit of Undertaking LTOPF

I, [Your Full Name], of legal age, [Civil Status], and a resident of [Your Address], after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and state:

  1. That I am applying for a License to Own and Possess Firearm (LTOPF) under the laws and regulations governing the possession of firearms in [Country/State].
  2. That I undertake to comply with all the laws, rules, and regulations governing the ownership, possession, carrying, maintenance, and disposition of firearms as stipulated by the [Specific Governing Body or Law].
  3. That I possess the legal qualifications and none of the disqualifications to own and possess firearms, as prescribed under the relevant statutes and ordinances.
  4. That I commit to secure and safeguard the firearm(s) from unauthorized access and to ensure responsible ownership and usage at all times.
  5. That I shall allow the authorized representatives of [Relevant Governing Body] to inspect my place of residence or business as part of the requirements for the retention of my LTOPF.
  6. That I shall immediately report to the nearest police station any loss, theft, or attack involving my firearm(s) within a reasonable time frame as required by law.
  7. That I am making this affidavit to attest to the truth of the above statements and to support my application for the License to Own and Possess Firearm.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this [Day] of [Month], [Year] at [Location].

[Signature over Printed Name]

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this [Day] of [Month], [Year] in [City/Province], Philippines. Affiant exhibiting to me his/her valid identification card as proof of his/her identity.

Notary Public

(My Commission expires on [Date])

Doc. No. ______;

Page No. ______;

Book No. ______;

Series of [Year].

affidavit of undertaking ltopf

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Affidavit of Undertaking For Students

State of [State Name]
County of [County Name]

I, [Your Full Name], of [Your Address], being duly sworn, depose and state:

  1. Affiliation and Identification: I am a student at [School Name], currently enrolled in [Your Course/Major], with the student identification number [Your Student ID].
  2. Purpose of Affidavit: This affidavit is executed in accordance with the requirements of [Specify the Requirement, e.g., Scholarship Name, School Policy, etc.] to affirm my commitment and understanding of the obligations and responsibilities imposed upon me.
  3. Commitment to Conditions:
    • I hereby undertake to maintain a minimum GPA of [Required GPA] each semester to qualify for the continuation of my scholarship.
    • I commit to adhering to all the rules and regulations set forth by the university, including but not limited to the Academic Honesty Policy and Student Conduct Code.
    • I will attend all required meetings, seminars, and workshops as part of my academic program or scholarship requirement unless excused for valid reasons.
  4. Declaration of Compliance:
    • I declare that I will not engage in any activities that may be deemed contrary to the ethical standards and practices of [School Name].
    • I affirm to utilize any funds, resources, or privileges granted to me solely for purposes that advance my education and benefit my academic progress.
  5. Acknowledgment of Consequences:
    • I understand that failure to meet these undertakings may result in disciplinary actions, revocation of my scholarship, or other penalties as deemed appropriate by [School Name].
  6. Oath of Truthfulness:
    • I affirm that the information provided in this affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Any intentional misrepresentation of facts may subject me to the penalties of perjury as well as other disciplinary measures by [School Name].

Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this [day] day of [month], [year], by [Your Name], who is personally known to me or who has produced identification in the form of [type of government-issued ID, e.g., driver’s license, passport].

[Signature of Notary Public]
Notary Public, State of [State Name]
My commission expires: [Date]

[Signature of Student]
[Your Name]

affidavit of undertaking for students

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Browse More Templates On Affidavit of Undertaking

1. Affidavit of Undertaking Sample

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2. Printable Affidavit of Undertaking

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3. Affidavit of Undertaking Format

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Size: 364 KB


What is the Purpose of a Certificate of Undertaking?

purpose of a certificate of undertaking

A certificate of undertaking serves several important purposes in various contexts, such as legal, sample business, or academic environments. Here’s a breakdown of its key functions:

  1. Legal Assurance: It acts as a formal assurance or a binding promise that specific actions have been or will be taken. In legal terms, it often means a party agrees to meet certain obligations or abide by specific conditions.
  2. Compliance Verification: In business and regulatory contexts, a certificate of undertaking is used to confirm that an entity agrees to comply with legal standards and regulations. This can be crucial for industries that operate under strict regulatory oversight.
  3. Performance Guarantee: In simple contracts, this certificate can serve as a guarantee that certain terms will be fulfilled, such as completing a project by a specified deadline or adhering to performance standards.
  4. Financial Commitment: In financial contexts, it may be used to confirm commitment to financial responsibilities, such as the repayment of loans or the provisioning of funds as required.
  5. Academic and Professional Certification: In academic or professional development scenarios, an undertaking might be required to affirm that the individual will adhere to ethical standards, complete required training, or use granted funds appropriately.

Overall, a sample certificate of undertaking is crucial for ensuring accountability, compliance, and assurance across various sectors, providing a formalized means of confirming that obligations are recognized and will be met.

4. General Affidavit of Undertaking

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 100 KB


5. Standard Affidavit of Undertaking

File Format
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Size: 5 KB


6. Maternity Affidavit of Undertaking

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 600 KB


Importance of Affidavit of Undertaking

importance of affidavit of undertaking

An affidavit of undertaking is a significant legal document that carries various critical functions and assurances in both personal and professional settings. Here’s why it is important:

  1. Legally Binding Commitment: This document serves as a formal, sworn statement of intent or promise under oath. It legally binds the individual to fulfill the obligations or duties stated within the document.
  2. Proof of Agreement: It acts as evidence of a person’s commitment to abide by specific terms or conditions. This can be crucial in situations where contractual obligations need to be enforced.
  3. Enhances Trust: By providing a written and sworn commitment, an affidavit of undertaking enhances trust between parties in a transaction, project, or agreement.
  4. Clarity of Intent: It clearly outlines the duties and responsibilities agreed upon by the parties involved. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings and disputes over verbal agreements.
  5. Facilitates Compliance: In regulatory or compliance contexts, such an affidavit ensures that individuals or organizations adhere to legal standards, guidelines, or regulations, helping to avoid legal penalties or sanctions.
  6. Support in Legal Disputes: In the event of legal disputes, an affidavit of undertaking can be used in court as a proof of the commitments that were agreed upon, aiding in conflict resolution.
  7. Enforcement: The affidavit makes it easier to enforce the undertaking since it is a sworn statement. Non-compliance can lead to legal consequences such as fines, penalties, or other judicial actions.
  8. Verification Tool: It also serves as a verification tool that the undertaker has committed to certain actions or responsibilities, which is useful in administrative or bureaucratic processes.

Overall, the importance of an affidavit of undertaking lies in its ability to provide a secure, verifiable, and enforceable means of ensuring that individuals or entities adhere to their commitments or obligations.

7. Formal Affidavit of Undertaking

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  • PDF

Size: 106 KB


8. Basic Affidavit of Undertaking

File Format
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Size: 460 KB


9. Editable Affidavit of Undertaking

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Size: 96 KB


10. Strategic Affidavit of Undertaking

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Size: 43 KB


11. Professional Affidavit of Undertaking

File Format
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Size: 200 KB


What Is An Affidavit?

An affidavit is a formal written statement setting out the facts and circumstances of your case which have taken place. The person who makes such statement and signs it is known as a deponent. It is the main way you present evidence (facts of the case) to a court. It must be sworn, or affirmed, by signing and should be duly attested/ affirmed by the Notary or Oath Commissioner, as a true record to make sure such signature is not acquainted forcefully and is not fake. Hence, the deponent himself needs to be present before the Notary/ Oath Commissioner during the attestation of the affidavit.

What Can You Find In The Affidavit?

The affidavit must be paragraphed and numbered. The deponent must sign the bottom of each page in the presence of an authorized person, such as a lawyer/oath commissioner etc. Further, the affidavit must contain the full name, address, occupation and signature of the deponent who’s making such affidavit with the date & place where such affidavit is made. The affidavit must contain facts and circumstances known to a person and must not set out the opinions and beliefs of the deponent. Further, one should avoid referring to facts that are based on information received from others without witnessing the same, which may mislead the case. However, evidence given from an expert shall be deemed to be included in the affidavit.

What Documents Should Be Attached In the Affidavit Form?

Attaching documents to an affidavit should be made in the form of attachment(s) where the deponent should signature in every page. You number each page of the document and if more than one document is attached refer to each by numbers e.g. Annexure 1, Annexure 2 etc.

The wording of the statement is:

“This is the document referred to as Annexure [insert sample reference number] in the affidavit of [deponent’s name], sworn/affirmed at [place] on [date] before me [authorized person to sign and provide name and qualification.


What is an undertaking document?

Undertaking Letter Meaning: An undertaking sample letter or a letter of undertaking is a formal document, but not necessarily a contract that provides assurance from one party to another to fulfill an obligation. Hence, when drafting the letter, ensure that the terms and conditions are valid and reasonable.

Who can give an undertaking?

Undertakings are given on behalf of the firm and not an individual. You should only give an undertaking if you are duly authorized by your firm to do so. If you are so authorized, you must ensure you comply with any procedures your firm has in relation to undertakings

An undertaking is a promise to the Court. An undertaking to the Court is as binding as an Order of the Court. For example, where a person gives an undertaking that they will take a certain action, the Court will require that person to take that action as if the Court itself had ordered the person to take the action

Securing and making this document is a very hard thing especially that it involves legalities and accurate details. But making this properly and heartfully could help people who are in need of the said affidavit. With this, it is highly encouraged for you to make available all the free templates and documents you can see online. So what are you waiting for? Avail our free templates now!

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