A contractor work order is also known as job order, work ticket and job ticket. It is defined as an official order stating the processing of work order either products or services to be submitted by a concerned contractor. In this form, the company responsible for the project order and the name of the work order will be included.

Once the work order is converted into sales order, this means that the work of the contractor will now start on manufacturing the goods and products requested by the customer. If it is converted into service order, this implies that the location, time and date of work order for the service is being carried out.

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Contractors usually used a single work order and invoice to be given to the customer containing the personal and necessary information about the customer, work description, labor and material costs.

A contractor job order or work order is a written document commonly used by manufacturing, building, project based and fabrication nature of business industry. It may be in a form of product or services. In a contractor work order, contractor request form the following informative points are included to be stated: Quantity of the product, lists of materials to be used and its amount, machines to be used and also labor amount and the required time of work of a contractor.

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