Your resumes serve as an advertisement for yourself. That is why it is important that your self-advertisement is a polished gem that can magnetize the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

It is for this reason that you must be keen on patterning your resume according to a resume format that best suits your qualifications and the kind of job you are applying for. To help guide you in creating your own resume, read on our informative discussion on this page. Our website also showcases the best resume examples for every career.

The Different Resume Formats

When applying for a job, it is of paramount importance that the format of your resume can effectively advertise your qualifications. The following are the different types of resume formats:

  • The Chronological Resume Format

This format is best characterized by its easy-to-read appearance as it lists down in chronological order the previous job positions of the applicant. This format can play to great advantage of those applicants who have a clean and strong work history. Applicants whose job history are aligned with the same job he/she is applying for would benefit from this type of format. To gauge whether or not you must use this format, check out our collection of chronological resume templates.

  • The Functional Resume Format

This format is the most effective format to be used by those applicants whose job history contains questionable lapses. The key to the effectivity of this particular format is its emphasis on the skills and abilities of the applicant instead of the applicant’s employment history. If you are planning to use this format, you may use our functional resume examples as your guide.

  • The Combination Resume Format

This is perhaps the most versatile among the resume formats. This format highlights the pertinent qualifications while chronologically listing down the employment history. In a way, the applicant can play with this format and tailor fit it to the type of job he/she is applying for.

  • The Targeted Resume Format

This format is used only by those whose previous job experiences, educational background, and skills perfectly fit the type of job he/she is applying for. In a way, this is a specialized type of resume as it only indicates all the background that are related to the position he/she is applying for. This includes previous seminars, workshops, and trainings attended.

If you want to know more about resume formats, check out our basic resume format templates. Simply click on the link provided.

The Most Popular Resume Format That Will Help You Land Job Offers

When ranking the most effective type of format, the combination format sits at the top of the ladder. This is largely due to the fact that a combination resume has the advantages of both the chronological and the functional.

A combination resume would showcase to the recruiter the pertinent skills and abilities that the applicant possesses while leading him/her to the awareness of the applicant’s good work ethics. This good work ethics can be demonstrated by the applicant’s stellar employment history.

For more references about resumes, check out our collections of professional fresher resumes and professional resume templates.

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