A receipt is a document that assures your customers that their payment has been properly and formally received. A receipt sample serves as a formal and legally admissible proof of payment.

To know more about receipts, read our enlightening discussion on this page. We also emphasize the process of creating a letterhead for your company receipt.

What Are the Significant Information That Are to Be Included in Your Company’s Letterhead?

The contents of a letterhead may vary according to the

  • nature of the business or company
  • and the nature and purpose of the document that the letterhead is attached to.

Despite the variegatedness of a letterhead’s content, there are, however, some information that are usually included. Those are the following:

  • The complete name of the business or company.
  • The complete address of the company’s place of business. If the company is relatively big and has a lot of branches, then it is better to indicate the business address of such a company’s main office or headquarters. The main office is typically where the main administrative staff, including the chief executive officer, usually work.
  • The contact information of the business such as but not limited to:
    • its telephone number
    • fax number
    • e-mail address
    • mobile number (if applicable)
  • The company’s logo. This part is essential as it is the trademark of companies. Recognition through repetition is one of the most effective marketing strategies that lures customers into repeatedly engaging with businesses. This phenomena or business strategy is otherwise known as branding. By including a logo to your company’s letterhead, you are promoting your company.

To gain more information about the inclusions of a receipt’s letterhead, simply refer to our collections of sample receipt templatesreceipt template word, and general receipt templates. Access these templates by clicking on its respective links.

Step-by-Step Process in Properly Placing Letterheads to Your Receipt

  • Know the parts of a receipt. You need to know the parts of a receipt first in order to understand the proper placement of a letterhead. The standard format of a receipt has the following parts in order from the topmost part of the receipt to the lowest:
    • The functional label of the receipt
    • The company letterhead
    • The information of the customer
    • The details of the sale
    • The total amount payable
    • The payment method agreed upon
    • The signature of the customer
  • Refer to a template. To make things easier for you when creating a letterhead for your receipt, refer to a receipt template. For such a purpose, you may refer to our helpful collection of simple receipt templates. If you wish, you may simply download a blank printable payment receipt so that it will be easier for you to simply add to this blank receipt framework the specifics of your company.
  • Input company specifications. Then in your receipt’s letterhead, input all the necessary specifications of your company that are appropriately required to be placed in your letterhead.
  • Print. When you have placed your company specifications, your receipt is now ready for printing and mass production!

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