Invoices are documents that are used commercially and are issued by sellers to their buyers. An invoice format includes details of a sales transaction such as the name of the product, the quantity, and the price. The terms of payment are also stated on the invoice and the number of days allowed for a product to be returned or exchanged.

Sales invoices are issued to buyers by sellers to request for payment for the goods or products that are being sold. Free invoices are available on our website. You can view and download them for your personal use or whatever purpose they may serve you.

Sales Order vs. Sales Invoice

A sales order is a document that is a notification that the buyer confirms the sale. It is usually like an intent to purchase sent by the buyer to the seller. The acceptance of the quote for the goods or services is first sent to the seller before it is delivered to the buyer. A sales order is generated through fax, a letter, or a phone call. A sales invoice, on the other hand, is a request for formal payment sent to the customer for the goods or services sold by the seller. It also serves as a record that a sale occurred between the customer and the seller. You may want to check our sample invoice.

How to Cancel or Void an Invoice Once It Is Generated

Some people say that in accounting, an invoice should not be cancelled once it is generated. Instead, a credit note should be issued. Still other people say that this can be done. Invoices can be edited or adjusted depending on the system used. In a manual invoicing system, the original invoice transaction can be edited and then do adjustments on the updated invoice. But this cannot be done with an invoice generated in an automatic system. Also available are contractor invoice.

Advantages of Invoice

  • You can get cash quicker through invoicing as compared to for cash credits in banking or lending institutions.
  • It provides both the seller and the buyer a proof of the sale that occurred between the two of them.
  • It itemizes the purchase to be made by including details, like the name of the product, the quantity, the retail price, and the total price.
  • The seller can easily track records of their previous and current sales with help of the invoice records.
  • It allows the seller and the buyer to review their order to determine if there is anything missing, or if there is a mistake with the total price.

What Is the Difference between Invoice and Bill?

What is an invoice? As defined above, an invoice is a document that contains a list of the products, quantity, and total amount of the goods being purchased before it is paid by the buyer. Invoices can also serve as a formal request for payment that the seller sends to the customer before the goods and services are delivered. A bill is the amount of money that a customer should pay for the goods or services that they have consumed.

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