Purchase orders (PO) are prepared by customers to make an official order of goods or services from a seller. After the goods have been delivered by the seller, an invoice is generated. There are many uses of invoice in a business. You can check out these invoice in PDF if you are looking for invoices to use for your business.

A PO number is a unique number assigned for each PO. This number is an important reference number for each order made so there is no confusion. PO numbers can also be placed on invoices. The great importance of invoice in the organization is seen in its relation with purchase orders. Check out the free invoices that we offer.

How to Add a PO Number into the Invoice

sales invoice is generated upon delivery of the goods that are ordered by the customers. In the invoice, you might want to consider putting a PO number to make sure that the invoice you send them accurately corresponds to the purchase order that they sent you. Some people, however, find it hard to add the correct PO number on the invoice. Good thing there are many accounting software programs that make the task easier. Programs such as Sage and QuickBooks make adding the PO number into the invoice much easier.

Why Are PO Numbers Important?

PO numbers are unique identifiers of the order that the customers made. Having PO numbers means there is a corresponding number that would be used for the transaction. This prevents confusion between the buyer and the seller. A PO number guarantees fast transaction for all people involved. The goods gets delivered on time and the seller gets payment on time. Also, as there is a unique number to identify with the transaction, it is assured that the right items gets delivered and payment is done for the right transaction. Our sample invoice demonstrates how important PO numbers are in invoices.

Difference between a Purchase Order Number and an Invoice Number

  • Purchase Order Number – POs are generated by the buyer. This is their official request for the purchase of goods so they issue this document and they make their own PO number.
  • Invoice Number – An invoice is generated by the seller after the goods have been delivered. They then assign their own invoice number into the invoice. However, to ensure efficiency, it helps a lot if they place the PO number the buyer has listed on the invoice as well. Take a look at how these professional invoice template and cash invoice incorporate the customer PO number into their invoices.

Are Purchase Orders Important to the Business?

Purchase orders are an official order from customers. This means that without these documents, there is virtually no order made for your goods. As the goal of business is profits, you would want to have as much orders as possible. Purchase orders are also good record-keeping tools so there is no mistake in the goods delivered. Purchase orders then are important documents for any business. You can also check these invoice format for a guide in properly formatting your invoices.

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