Whenever a consultant is asked for evaluation or suggestion for a decision, a Consulting Invoice Templates will help the Consultant have his or her client the exact payment for the service inquired from them. A bill record to which every consult sets a minimum fee for the client and being modified as the term for the contract also changes.

An example template can be downloaded for you to have a sample Consulting Invoice Templates format to which any consultant can use whenever their service is needed for them to give their client a hint of the amount that will be paid for them. A good Invoice Templates will serve as record for all the service that was been utilized by the client in a specified period of the contract.

Consulting Invoice Sample

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Consultant Invoice Excel

Designed in Microsoft Excel format this template is ideal for a consulting firm or company to raise the invoice for its services. This template consist the details like work order number, client name and address and other essential details which are required in an Invoice.

Consultant Invoice Template PDF

Designed by the professional accounting experts this invoice is good for an individual consultant. This is a simple portable document format invoice which can be printed on his/her letterhead and given to client. The professional involved in consulting can use this format to elaborate all the services rendered to client and price against each service.

Free Consulting Invoice Template

This is yet another invoice template which is very useful to raise invoice against the services rendered by the client company. The separate space is given to enter the project details like Agreement Number, Work order details and the payment terms. These details in invoice ensure that there would be no confusion to the person whosoever would be releasing the payment for the services.

Sample Consulting Invoice


This template is a simple invoice format and also can be used to take approvals from the higher authorities. It bears the approvals signature at the bottom left part and the detail in the template are just the rate and the date of service rendered. It is simple invoice format and can be used by an individual to raise the invoice against his/her services provided to the company or client.

Invoice Sample for Consulting Services


Consulting Invoice Template Free Download


Printable Consultant Invoice Template


Consulting Invoice Format


Consulting Invoice Sample


This invoice can be used to give against the services provided through the labor supply to a client. Excel template give the liberty to consulting firm or company to calculate the invoice amount exactly by just putting required formulas in the given format.

Why do you need a Consultant Invoice Template?

Consulting is growing business and nowadays the demand of professional in this field is rising. Post rendering the services by the client it is preferred that consultant or the consulting firm must present the invoice in professional format. To get the payment form the client one has to present the same and hence these templates are required. You may like Blank Invoice Templates.

When do you need a Consultant Invoice Template?

Every consultant requires these templates post providing the services to the client. Invoicing in a professional manner is tough task and these templates are very helpful for the individual working in consulting business or the accountant working in consulting firms. Here are some points where the invoice template is required

  • To get the payment for the services provided to the client.
  • While making the invoice to the client for consulting services.
  • To provide all details regarding the work on a single invoice these templates can be used.

Benefit of Using Consultant Invoice Template

Raising an invoice in a professional template always gives a boost to image of a freelancers or a company. These templates are here to provide help to individuals or companies who are seeking the help in creating a standard format for their invoicing related work.

Designing a template and using it on regular intervals is not an easy task. So these templates can make this tough task very easy. Organizations or Institutions can easily download these templates and can use them whenever they need to allocate the membership status of its patrons

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