Your client finally accepting your offer as their new sales consultant can make you feel very thrilled and excited at the same time. After months of looking for new clients and prospective business partners, you finally have one. But don’t celebrate too early just yet, because now that the pitch phase has come to an end, you need to cap off the whole partnership by drafting a sales consulting proposal. It may seem quite strange how the consulting proposal comes after your client has agreed to your proposition. But that’s just how it is and that’s just how it works. Besides, the purpose of a consulting proposal is not to propose to your potential business partner, but to clarify both of the party’s work relationship and make sure that both of your goals are in the same page.

Consulting proposals can have a wide variety  of uses, from small startup projects like acquiring a loan, to even bigger ventures like corporate marketing and business plans. Like most proposal documents, these don’t exactly work as paper formalities, but rather as a document that signals the beginning of a new business relationship. How you communicate in the corporate space directly impacts how you and your ideas are perceived by your clients and co-workers.

Simply, a proposal or a consulting proposal is a written communication tool that can leave a lasting impression on your career as a consulting company. Depending on how well you write it. Make sure that your sales consulting proposal is more that well written by first checking out these sales consulting proposal samples that we have listed down below. Once you’ve acquainted yourself enough with the document, what it looks like and how it works, feel free to use these samples as guides or maybe even as templates for your own sales consulting proposal.

3+ Sales Consulting Proposal Samples

1. Sales Consulting Proposal

sales consulting proposal

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2. Sales and Marketing Consulting Proposal

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3. Simple Sales Consulting Proposal

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4. Sales Consulting Proposal Example

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What Is a Sales Consulting Proposal?

Consulting proposals are documents or a series of documents that highlight the scope, natures and the specific timeline of the project that you may be working on. The larger purpose of the document is already on its name, a consulting proposal. A proposal to a prospective client or potential investor that highlights you as the solution to your client’s problems and issues. It takes whatever you and your prospective client has discussed and turn into an, active working relationship.

That is why it’s important to make sure that your document is well-written.  A consulting proposal should cover and present details of the project like the summary of the initial problem, a step-by-step account of how you plan to solve the problem that your client has just identified, a list of the results that you and your client can expect by the end of your partnership. Of course, aside from the common necessities, it should also contain contractual details like the duration of the partnership and the fees that both of you have agreed to. Your consulting proposal can easily make or break your ability to make potential clients and secure business partners.

How to Write a Sales Consulting Proposal

The document you are about to write will basically be the fate of your venture. The results will be up to you and how you make this proposal. However, there shouldn’t be too much pressure on your end now that you’re here and asking for our help. With that, let’s inspect the steps that you’ll have to follow and keep in mind to put together a well written consulting proposal.

  1. Talk with your client beforehand
    Don’t begin writing your proposal when you haven’t discussed the nature of your business partnership first. Get to know your client and build trust with them to make sure that your proposal is effective. It’s sort of like getting both of yourselves comfortable with each other before committing into a bigger business relationship.
  2. Understand their challenges and needs
    The better you understand the problems of your client, the better you can propose a solution to them. Don’t pull out solutions out of nowhere without actually investigating what the problem is initially about. And don’t make a one-size-fits-all solution as well. The details of your consulting proposal should be specific to the client’s needs and problems. Take your time in understanding what your client needs help with and how your consultancy can help solve it.
  3. Ask for details
    Don’t hesitate to ask specific details regarding your prospect’s ideal timeline, budget, and their projected outcomes. A successful consulting proposal should outline the project scope and the details to make sure that both entities stay aligned with their goals. The details are important to sell the services that you are offering, and should generally give your client a better understanding of how the both of you will work together.
  4. Focus on the outcomes, not your input
    Your consulting proposal should focus on what the client will receive, no what you will gain. Don’t be such a narcissist. Be as specific as you can about the values and outcomes the client can expect from working with you. Avoid using work jargon too much as that will only lead to confusion. Use generic and simple words to resonate with them and show them that you understand.
  5. Keep it short
    Quality over quantity. That’s how your consulting proposal should be. Keep it as brief, short, and concise as possible. Describe the project’s scope and expectations in a straightforward manner. Don’t give your clients reason to stop reading your document midway and move on to other offers. Once you’ve gotten the attention of your client, be sure to not let it go. Keep the document engaging and interesting.
  6. Highlight your value proposition
    Sales consultants are not cheap. Make sure that you’re letting your client know that their investment in your services will not be a waste of time and resources. Build assurances that you will deliver and provide results.
  7. Ask for feedback
    This is a business partnership. It really wouldn’t work without the rapport of the other party. Your client should contribute on the contents and the scope of your document. Clarify questions and tackle concerns that have been raised. Once you’ve drafted your document, send it to your client for their feedback.


How do I become a consultant?

Having a masters degree in management will surely help with your qualifications in joining the consultancy industry. However, the space is still very competitive, and some consultancy firms are known to recruit fresh graduates from certain universities.

How do you price a consulting job?

The best way to determine your rates is to divide your former salary by roughly 52 work weeks and then divide the answer of that by 40. It should then provide you with an idea of how you should price your consulting job.

What is a good consulting rate?

The market rate of consulting jobs is usually between $50 to $150 per hour.

Writing a consulting proposal is no easy task to accomplish well. It serves as a guidepost for a good consultant-client relationship, and convert prospective clients into actual business partners. Be sure to take note of the tips that we’ve given above and use the templates that we have provided, and you’ll be making winning proposals in no time.

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