Planning for a vacation is fun, but for most people, the packing part is not something they look forward to. There’s the problem of packing too much or too little, going to the port just to remember that you have forgotten to pack your extra pair of swimsuits, worrying about the payment for excess baggage, and many other things. However, these things can be totally avoided if you could only give yourself time to write a packing list. In this article, we will give you recommendations and advice on how to make your own packing list which could be useful to you, your family, and friends in the future.

10+ Packing List for Vacation Sample

1. Packing List for Vacation

What Is a Vacation Packing List?

A vacation packing list, otherwise known as a vacation checklist, is a piece of paper containing a roster of items that are essential for traveling. The length and number of items on a packing list depending on the duration of the trip, location, vacation itinerary, and the traveler’s bag capacity. The list can extend up to two pages, especially if it is meant for more than one person (family, group of friends, congregation, organization, etc.).

How to Create a Packing List for Vacation?

Planning to write your first ever packing list for your vacation? We recommend that you get a template so you won’t have to make everything from scratch. For your other options, you can get a clean piece of paper and pen and follow the steps below so you can make your packing list in an instant.

1. Categorize Your Items

Make your packing list look organized by categorizing the items that you would need to pack. Start by making separate grids for clothing, toiletries, electronic devices, child care essentials (for those with children), pet supplies, documents (visa, passports, travel itinerary, tickets, booking forms), valuables (money, credit cards), personal medications, extras (pillows, books, toys), snacks, ID cards (driver’s license, social security, medicare), and equipment (if you have outdoor activities). This way, you can list down the possible items that you may need to bring on the vacation and leave the non-essentials at home. 

2. Consider The Length of the Vacation 

If you are only traveling for quite a few days, you would not need to pack excessively. Just a few pieces of clothing will do, depending on where you are going. Packing minimally will not only help you avoid excess payment on overloaded baggage, but it will also help you walk around town with ease. If the place you are staying allows you to do your own laundry, then it is more recommended that you pack lightly since you can just wear your clothes again thereafter. 

3. Be Specific With Your Gears

There are many types of vacation travel that require special gear for activities. If you are going to travel to the beach, then pack your bathing suits, flippers, goggles, and other snorkeling or surfing gear. For mountain hiking trips, leave your bathing suit at home (unless you also planned to hit the beach after) and pack what’s essential for your activity such as gloves, jackets, hiking boots, and neck gaiters. The more specific you are, the more you make space for other essentials (and souvenirs, perhaps) in your bag.

4. Always Check the Weather

One of the most important factors that make a vacation fun or disappointing is the weather. Make it a habit to check the weather before packing up for your next vacation so that you will know whether there is an item on your list that needs to be deleted or added. Always expect the unexpected, but still do not forget to pack with care and consideration. 

Should I bring a first aid kit during my travels?

Yes, it is highly suggested that you bring with you always a set of first aid kits in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially if you are traveling somewhere far from a clinic or hospital. If you have an illness or traveling with somebody with one, then first aid can help you in times of emergency crisis in the middle of nowhere or when you’re alone.

What is the most important thing to pack?

Aside from your mobile device and cash, it is very important that you do not forget to pack important documents such as your visa and passport. Without those, you will not be able to board the plane or ship to your destination, especially if you are going abroad. Plus, it will help you validate your identity to officers upon arrival at your destination.

What food should I pack for a trip?

If you are going for a trip to a local area, you can bring wet and dry foods if you want to save money. However, international travelers are not advised to bring any foods that are liquid in form as it is not allowed inside the plane. You can, however, bring snacks such as biscuits or chips to alleviate your hunger while waiting for the next stopover or before arriving at your destination.

To make your travel a very pleasant and safe experience, try to avoid packing problems by getting a handy packing list for vacation. With your list, you will never have to worry about breaking your luggage just to accommodate everything, plus you get to be more stress-free during your time away from home. Try making your own packing list today by checking out our gallery and downloading our templates. 


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