One of the most loved things of the younger generations is to get and trade their own sample trading card template. You can create these cards using various Sample Cards and you can print them off to use them as invitations or even for games. Your child or anyone you give these will love them, so here are just a few of the best ones to look at.

Character Trading Card Template

character trading card template

This is another great sample trading card template that you can use and it is a bit more cartoonish looking. The front has a picture of the person along with their name, the name of their team and their jersey number. Also, on the back you can include some of their important statistics for their career.

Trading Card Template Photoshop

trading card template photoshop

This one is a good one with a simple color scheme of red, green and gray. You can add a photo of the individual along with the name of the club and their jersey number. You can also put various statistics on the back of the card that pertain to the player or person pictured on the front.

Trading Card Maker Template

trading card maker template

More of a business card design, but it is still gorgeous nonetheless with brown yellow and green being the major colors. You can put your logo on the front side and then have all of your contact information and available services listed on the back.

Trading Card Game Template

trading card game template

If you wish to make a game, then this is the best sample trading card template that you can use. You can put a background that resonates with the title of the card and then a brief explanation about what it can do and how many points it can take or earn from your opponent.

Sample Trading Card Template

sample trading card template

These are also easy to make and they come in different colors, including blue and yellow. You can add your own player images, the text is simple to update and you can easily add the team logo. You can also add the team numbers, their field positions and the colors of your team.

PSD Baseball Trading Card Template

This sample trading card template has a baseball design as the background and you can add the image of your player. You can also add the first or last name of the player along with their jersey number. You can also add any other information that you want on the back, including their playing position and statistics.

Trading Card Design Template

trading card design template

This design is more of a newspaper style design, but it is gorgeous and you can write the name of the player along with their team name. Then you can add an article about them behind it with an image of them in the foreground.

Sport Trading Card Template

sport trading card template

This is another great option that you can use and you can add your own image of the player along with their team name in flames and their name above that. You can also have their position and the year that they played at the top.

Artist Trading Card Template

If you are an artist, then this is the perfect option for you since you can create your own design. You can put whatever you want here and print it out to allow others to know you are available. Put your company name and logo on the front and then the information that is required on the back.

Make your trading announcements more detailed, well designed and effective with these sample trading card templates.

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