Communicating in public in front of a crowd is fulfilling or scary for different people. This vocalized form of relaying a message is called a speech. Speeches come in different types. One commonly used speech is keynote speech, which is usually done to deliver to summarize the most important message or information in an event.

Speech is everywhere. It might be used to inspire others. Sometimes it is also used to persuade people, like persuasive speech, which is used mostly by political figures and even product advertising you see on your television. If a speech is well written, it is likely very influential.

What Is Speech Writing?

A speech is the act of expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions through verbal communication. Therefore, speech writing is an act of preparing a comprehensive writing that outlines thoughts and ideas into sentences and phrases. This tool helps you organize the things you want to say and recognize gaps that need proper transitions in your speech. There is a different speech sample in every topic you want to write a speech about depending on your audience. Since speech is a public presentation, speech writing should be done in advance to have time for revision if needed.

How to Plan a Speech

  • Identify your purpose. Be specific on what you want to accomplish after you deliver your speech. This will help you focus on the contents of what you are going to say.
  • Know your audience. Determine the size of the crowd, the composition of the audience, and lastly, know the main reason of the gathering.
  • Recognize your main claim. Other than the general topic, speech examples also focus on stating the specific point what the speech is trying to deliver.
  • Present evidences. Support your main claim by citing evidences.
  • Prefer a simple speech structure. Choose a simple speech template word file as your guide.

What Makes a Great Speech and the Purpose of Speech?

There are several purposes of speech, some of it is to inform, to persuade, to inspire, or to entertain depending on the crowd you will be presenting to.

  • A speech that tells the audience what they didn’t know and the kind of insights they haven’t realized
  • A message that makes the audience think about
  • Conveys an enthusiastic aura
  • Use quotations to strengthen your main message
  • Be precise. Remember, less is more.
  • If possible, don’t read your speech in front of the audience the whole time you deliver it.
  • Finalize the content beforehand.
  • Simple speech format

Importance of Speech

Talking to people is one of the first things we learn when we were young, but delivering a speech is different. Similar to what you read in speech example in PDF, you should know the purpose, comprehensive contents of what you are going to say, facts and insights you are going to share. Speech is important to communicate your opinions, and inform others what you know that they might not even know yet, to provide amusement for the audience, and to motivate the crowd to achieve goals and dreams. Speech is communication, and communication is a weapon of survival.

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