Reports are written documents that contain various features. An effective report contains graphics, an account of an event, and other informative data. Creating a report is essential especially in businesses, schools, and other entities. There are many types of reports that can be used to relay or present organized information.

An IT incident report is one example of a type of report. This type of report contains a detailed account of a particular IT incident that usually happens in a company or business. If you need to create an incident report, there is a selection of samples and templates available on this page.

Why Is an Incident Report Important in Software Testing?

Some of the reasons why it is essential for an incident report to be created during the process of software testing are as follows:

  • An incident report can record all the items that have occurred within the testing phase, especially those that are not aligned with the expected output of the entity who designed the software.
  • Having an incident report can help software developers to identify areas of improvement, which they can apply in the software that is being created.
  • Since software is just in its testing phase, assuring that there is a comprehensive incident report can help entities to have a reference of the initial results of the software’s actual execution.


Incident reports in PDF and incident report samples are available should you need to create one.

What Is the Difference between an Incident and Defect in Software Testing?

An incident is an occurrence that can happen during a software testing. An incident in software testing may be caused by a bug, an error, or a problem and can also be caused by human error. An incident can be fixed through examining and analyzing the processes that have affected the system or software during testing. If a certain process is showing an unusual behavior, it is identified as an incident. However, a defect in software testing is caused by damage or a hardware problem in the device. If a certain device encounters a defect, the hardware of this device should be immediately fixed to ensure that it continues working.

Tips for Writing an Incident Report for Software Testing

In order to write an effective incident report for software testing, here are some tips to help you write your incident report.

  • Ensure that the information or data that you will be writing in your incident report for software testing is accurate and detailed.
  • Identify and gather all the necessary data that you will need before writing your incident report.
  • Always use a well-crafted template when creating an incident report to ensure that your report will look professional.
  • Create a draft and proofread your incident report before writing the final document.
  • Clearly develop the methods and steps that you will be doing to solve the incident.
  • When writing your incident report in software testing, keep a professional tone.
  • Avoid using complex words when writing your incident report for software testing.


In addition, incident report formats and security incident reports are available for download on this site should you need that type specifically.

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