It has become a norm having a remote job, most especially for a work from home job set up. Due to its convenience, cost-saving and the less commuting stress and presently due to the pandemic more and more employees are starting to prefer working from home (WFH). Over the past months, companies who are left without a choice have learned to develop a system that can accommodate this particular set up. But as more and more people find it convenient, a majority of job posting sites can now take in job applicants who prefer a work from home set up. In order to land a job that offers remote work such as this, applicants will need to submit a work from home job proposal to ensure their current employer or prospective clients why a work from home arrangement is suitable for them. Read more about work from home job proposal in our article below and check out our free work from home job proposal samples as well.

3+ Work From Home Job Proposal Samples

1. Work From Home Job Proposal Template

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2. Work From Home Job Proposal

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3. Work From Home Supervisor Job Proposal

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4. Work From Home Permanent Job Proposal

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What Is a Work From Home Job Proposal?

Remote work is an arrangement that allows employees to work outside a traditional office set up. While having the ability to work from outside of a corporate office has been feasible for a few decades, working remotely is only now becoming mainstream, most especially inside the comforts of our home. Depending on your job skills and expertise, simply owning a laptop or a computer desktop isn’t enough most especially for those whose jobs require other office equipment and the such. But of course, there are still a lot of job postings that simply require a stable internet connection and a laptop or PC with the right specs.

If you think you are ready and prefer working at home, then a number of clients who are looking for employees who can manage remote work will need a work from home job proposal. A work from home job proposal is a written document that is describes why you are the best candidate for the job, your methods and process on how to take on the task and a background about your expertise. Aside from the standard CV most applicants submit, a proposal has more content and explanation on your take for the job posting and about yourself.

How To Write a Work From Home Job Proposal?

In a much broader sense, a work from home job proposal is also a means to make known to your managers that you are capable or requesting to work from home. Your proposal must more or less try to convince your manager if such set up is feasible for the company and on your part. Or again, a WFH job proposal is also a document you submit to prospective clients or employers as mentioned earlier. Whatever the reason may be, this proposal centers on the work from home set up. So, to get you started with your proposal, here are several tips to consider as you are about to start writing.

  • When you find a job that you think fits your skills and expertise, remember to learn more about the company and the job requirements as well. You will need to personalize your job proposal in order to fit your client’s standards as well as their request. Go over your qualifications and past experiences, you don’t want to waste your time or your clients if you are not up for the job. Also learning more about the client or the company helps you prepare what to include in your proposal.
  • If you need this proposal to request working or continue working from home, it is best to study and check every angle that may help convince your company to agree on the WFH set up. This includes creating work plans and schedules, how to achieve your target and task, timekeeping and other things relevant to your job.

Now to start with your work from home job proposal, which again may be a board subject matter considering different jobs have different factors to consider, here are the general items you may include in your job proposal.

I. Outline the Problem or Challenges

Identify the obstacle and provide details about that problem or challenges encountered. If possible, use quantifiable data when describing the problem your new position can solve.

II. Best Candidate

Detail how a new position can solve the problem you’ve outlined. The proposed position should address this challenge in a direct and measurable way. Prove to your client or the company that the job will provide significant value to the company by presenting concrete examples of the actions you can take in this new role. This will help them measure your effectives in problem solving and gauge your expertise and knowledge–making sure you are fit for the job.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

It is best to indicate early on your duties and responsibilities to match with your own experience and expertise. So the company may be aware of what your are capable of doing and also express that you are willing to learn further skills if permitted. Also research similar positions at other companies to see what tasks are typically required in that type of role.

IV. Qualifications

Include a list of your qualifications in your proposal, this can be based on your previous work experience. Consider what types of skills are required to complete the job requirements. This may include measurable skills, like the ability to use certain computer programs, or traits that make you a good fit for the role, such as communication skills or good relationships with colleagues.

V. Employment History

Most employers or client would very much want to know more about your past work experience, what companies or industries you have worked on and gain experience from. Perhaps you may also include what university and the degree you have graduated from.  You can detail your past achievements at work and your familiarity with your employer’s procedures and policies. Describe how your history with the company makes you uniquely positioned to understand and solve the challenges you’ve laid out.

VI. References

You may choose to include any references from former employers or clients who can back up your credentials. But before doing so, its best to ask their permission in advance so they may be aware in case your prospective client or company contacts them.


What Other Jobs Can Be Done Remotely?

As technology continues to advance, remote work is becoming more common in a multitude of industries. From those that you’d expect (tech, freelancing, etc.) to those that are a bit more surprising (education, healthcare, law), remote jobs can be found in nearly any industry.

What Is a Remote Employee?

A remote employee is employed by a company but works outside the usual office workspace. This could mean working from a local co-working space, from home, at a coffee shop, or in a city across the world.

How Remote Work Benefits Employers?

There are several factors that employers can benefit from the remote work their employees are engaged upon such as cost savings from overhead and rental cost, higher productivity and employers offer remote work opportunities to keep their employees happy and engaged.

If you think that working from home is the best option you have right now, aside from the pandemic going on and you find it more comfortable then start drafting your work from home job proposal and find clients who are willing to accept your working arrangement. The benefits of working from home impact so many things on a global scale and it may continue for the long run.

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