Now, do you ever wonder when you visit a company’s official websites you tend to see photographs of well dressed employees, or other photographs showcasing their offices, a corporate milestones and other items? Well, photographs of corporate headshots, employees on a meeting or seminars and other related activities are called corporate photography. This helps in promoting a brand and its products and services. Should you come across a client that is in need of a corporate photography services, then you will need to submit a corporate photography proposal. Read more about this particular type of proposal in our article below and don’t forget to check out our free corporate photography proposal for your perusal.

3+ Corporate Photography Proposal Samples

1. Corporate Photography Proposal Template

corporate photography proposal template

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2. Corporate Photography Services Proposal

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3. Financial Corporate Photography Proposal

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4. Corporate Photography Request for Proposal

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What Is a Corporate Photography Proposal?

Corporate photography is a company’s way of promoting their business and corporate activities they are involved with. This can go from seminars, incentive trips, public speaking, even charity related events. In some cases corporate photography involves any photographs that’s related to promoting a company’s product and services. This is also used to document various social events and create visually engaging content like newsletters, reports, and other material that helps advertise the brand. It is one marketing strategy that can help a company convey their brand messaging to their target audience. If you happen to find a company in need of a corporate photographer, then your best chances of being chosen is to submit a corporate photography proposal. This document should outlines all your terms and conditions, construct a visual concept for your client’s photography requirement, and talk about your services.

How To Write a Corporate Photography Proposal?

Every business needs visual content to lure in potential customers. This is one effective way of capturing their attention and embedding this in their minds. If you are a sole proprietor or run a photography company then it important that you are able to visually assess what a client wants. But before you start writing, it is essential to know more about your client, their photography requirements and try to study the products or the services they offer. This can help you formulate a clear concept of what they need. Remember, while other forms of photography emphasizes on creativeness and uniqueness, when working with companies, it’s more important to emphasize dependability, experience, and professionalism. And now that you have a clear concept of what your client requires of you, then start writing up your corporate photography proposal. Below are items you might want to consider to include in your proposal.

1. Cover Letter

It is highly recommendable to include a cover letter in your proposal. This section would highlights challenges faced by client and  your strong-hold in offered solution.

2. Project Description

If you have managed to speak or communicate with your client, then more or less you have a clear idea of what they require from you. So summarize the photography project subdividing it with the project context and its objectives. Don’t forget to include what kind of services you will be offering for the particular project as well as any post-production processes.

3. Work Portfolio

This section gives you the opportunity to showcase your past work. It begins with short note about your overall experience and displays visuals of your recent/ past photography and videography assignments. You may also want to include what equipment you will be using during the photography session.

4. Testimonials

If it permits, you can include testimonials or references from previous clients who has tried and tested your services.

5. Pricing Table

Let the prospective client get transparent picture about the investment required for this engagement. List down the fees item (necessary as well as optional) to carry out the photography assignment. It should includes taxes and discounts.

6. About Us

It would be best to include in your proposal a history or background of your company, your team and other services you might be offering.

7. Terms and Conditions

Like most service proposals, it is important to include your terms and conditions. This is to enable your prospective client know more about the legalities and terms when availing of your services.


What Do Companies Use Corporate Photography For?

These are mainly used for corporate headshots, marketing and branding materials, for trainings, corporate events, for conference and trade shows.

Why Are Corporate Headshots Important?

Corporate headshots or portraits are essential in portraying a good image of your company. This gives a reassurance to potential customers about the people who are working behind the brand.

Is It Better to Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Corporate Photos?

Yes, it is highly advisable to seek a professional for your corporate photos as they are better equipped and skilled in delivering the photography concept your company requires.

Corporate photography plays a crucial role during the key events of a company. Good photographs help in effectively promoting the company’s products or services in the media by their impactful presence in advertisements and organization brochures. Start writing your corporate photography proposal and help companies achieve their photography concept.

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