Planning to buy a car? It’s no secret that buying a car can be a stressful thing to do, especially if you’re not prepared for the whole tedious process. It’s not like you choose a random car and buy it right away. You have to plan on which car you want to own, save some money in order to afford it, and do some research if the car is worth enough for you to purchase. Even though dealerships have professional salespeople to help you find the best possible car for your needs at a fair price, some of them take advantage on unaware buyers which adds to more stress on buying a new car since you will be more cautious on visiting dealerships. To help ease the burden of getting a car, you can write and hand out a bid proposal to dealerships to ensure that they can help you find the car that you’re looking for but you can also negotiate efficiently on giving out your price to them. Read the article to know how to make a car bid proposal.

3+ Car Bid Proposal Samples

1. Car Bid Proposal Template

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  • MS Word
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  • Apple Pages


2. Vehicle Bid Proposal

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3. Golf Car Bid Proposal

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4. Car Service and Revenue Bid Proposal

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What is a Bid Proposal?

A bid proposal is a written document that outlines the products or services, and its pricing and time frame that are offered to clients for completing a project. Bid proposals are used to showcase a by companies to also show their qualifications of providing the products or services to clients.

How to Make a Car Bid Proposal

1.Visit Some Dealers and Do Some Research

First of all, you need to visit multiple car dealers so you can take a look at vehicles and do some test drive on different models that you like. Get the names of several dealers that you plan to visit. While doing this, don’t forget to take notes and take pictures at each car you’ve observed. You can ask the salesman for more information if needed. Take note of their own unique features. This information is useful for you to use as your reference. You can also buy magazines or visit online articles that focus on vehicles that you’re interested in. You can also visit websites that show the prices that dealers pay for a vehicle.

2. Write the Proposal

Once you’ve gathered enough information regarding your favorite vehicle that you’d like to purchase, it’s time to write the proposal. Address the proposal to the sales manager of the dealership. State in your proposal which model of the vehicle you’re interested in buying along with any other option that you’re also interested in, if your first choice is not available. Be specific on which vehicle you want so the dealership can provide you the right vehicle. Don’t forget to ask if the dealership can also present you with other packages that will make a better deal as a separate bid so you can compare prices.

3. State Your Price

The next thing you will include (and this is crucial) is to state the price that you’re willing to pay for the vehicle. To offer your price in a way that seems enticing to the dealers, add one to five percent to the dealer cost as your starting point depending on the demand for that particular model. Don’t forget to specify that the financing is a separate transaction and it will be locked in by you within a few days if the agreement for you to purchase the vehicle has been set. Set a due date for the dealers to address your demands in your proposal.


What are the elements of a bid proposal?

The elements of a bid proposal are:

  1. Client’s and contractor’s contact information

  2. Name of the product or service to be proposed

  3. Purpose of the proposal

  4. Additional information about the services or products that would be provided

  5. Pricing and payment method information

  6. Additional terms and conditions

  7. Estimated timeline

  8. Signature of both parties

Why do cars go to auction?

Cars go to auction to improve the dealership’s profitability. It’s more profitable to sell a car that hasn’t been sold yet to another dealer through an auction.

What type of vehicles are at dealer-only auctions?

The vehicles that are qualified only for dealer only auctions are recent trade ins, excess inventory, end-of-lease returns, and repossessed vehicles.

How do I find car auction prices?

To find car auction prices, you can either check an auction’s house website or call the auction that handles the sale of the vehicle being auction. You can also sign up for newsletters as these will provide you information regarding auction events.

Conclude your proposal by thanking the business for their time and include your contact details and address information and instructions on what to do next if the company is interested in pursuing your bid proposal. To help you get started on making your sponsorship proposal, download the free sample templates above to use as your reference!

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