Given the times we live in, all of us have to be multi-taskers and if there are days when you wonder where all the time went, don’t be startled. When it is work and you have a project to complete what can really come in handy is a Power Point Timeline Template. Such a template can give you the right time projections and help you to be on top of the work so that you manage time efficiently.


blank timeline template

If the situation is such that there is a project at hand and you have to prepare an estimation of when it would end, the most useful tool is the Blank – Timeline-Template. This template helps you to calculate total time and the break-up of the module, the gestation period and more. This template can easily be downloaded from the internet in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and PSD format.

Free Construction Timeline

free construction timeline

When you have undertaken a construction job, it is important that you have a construction template in place which will help you in analyzing and calculating the start date and end date of every module and also the tolerances. Like the Blank – Timeline – Template, this is also available free of cost to be downloaded in Word, Excel or PDF format.

Free Timeline Template

free timeline template

Any project is incomplete without a specific time frame that helps you to track everything right from the first milestone. Like any other timeline template, this one too is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded without any hassles in MS Word or PDF format. Along with this ease, if you want you can also get this template printed.

Marketing Timeline

marketing timeline

If you are associated with the marketing sector in general or specifically have been entrusted with the timeline management of a marketing project, you will know how helpful the marketing timeline template is. Driving new concepts, market surveys or launch of new products are critical processes where a small amount of delay can affect the purpose and outcome of the project. Use this template by easily downloading it in a format you like from the internet.

Timeline Infographics Template

timeline infographics template

When using this timeline template, make sure that the tasks, events or milestones you have mentioned on it collaborates with the real time or actual time tasks, events and/or milestones. If the case is not so then you might have to edit the template. While keying in the data make sure that the correct data has been has been keyed in so that there are lesser opportunities to edit and re-edit the template.

Marketing Timeline Template

marketing timeline template

Like most timeline templates, this one too can be downloaded for free easily from the internet. Imagine having access to a template like this, without having to worry about the cost or paying for it. Use it any time you like, or whenever you think that a project is not going as per timelines and deadlines and you need to push the envelope a little more.

Planning Timeline

planning timeline

When you have been entrusted with planning a project and you have to make a timeline right from scratch, what can be your savior is the planning template. The planning timeline template lets you decide and allot time for core work or deliverables in keeping with the tasks and months or time in hand.

Project Management Timeline

project management timeline

As the name clearly suggests, the project management timeline template literally helps you manage a project. This template can easily incorporate the time allocated for each module like time taken to execute a job, time allotted for contingencies or exigencies, time for planning, controlling, and finally closing or concluding the work. This template can either be printed or downloaded from the internet.

Project Timeline

project timeline

When using the project timeline template you should make sure that the projected time of events that you have keyed-in match with the actual or real time of the events. The project timeline template helps you map the monthly timeline of important tasks or events.  You can present data or events in this template in two ways – either in a tabular form where the months appear in the left column and the corresponding tasks are mentioned alongside or in the form of an excel sheet where the tasks are arranged in the first column on the left with the months alongside. You can gray out or color code the months when a specific task is set to start or complete.

Sample Timeline

sample timeline

The simple yet effective sample timeline template has only the names of the months mentioned in the topmost row and you can edit or type in or key in the event or events as and when they are scheduled or they are completed under the specific month.  When you want to edit the template all you have to do is select the object and click on the Draw or Ungroup menu.

Simple Timeline Template

simple timeline template

Free Download Timeline Template

free timeline template1

Timeline Template

timeline template

Timeline Templates For Mac

timeline templates for mac

Wedding Day Timeline Template

wedding day timeline template

The above mentioned timeline templates are the need of the hour for you if you have been given the responsibility of shouldering or planning a project timeline. Any project will fall flat on its face if the timelines are not adhered to or met.

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