When you find yourself at the end of your project’s timeline, don’t think you entirely breathe easy now. Any project demands proper documentation and assessment at its closing, which is when a project closure report comes in handy. If you’re new to this then you’ve come to the right place. Reading onwards will not only bring you greater information about this professional document, but you’ll also encounter wonderful templates that you can download at will. Knowing the importance of project closure has never been more necessary, as you will soon find out.

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11+ Project Closure Report Templates

Project Closure Report Template

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Project Completion Report Template

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Free Download Project Closure Report Template In PDF


Download Project Closure Report Template In PDF


Best Project Closure Report Template

Best Project Closure Report Template In Word

Download Project Closure Report Template In Word

Project Closure Report Template Example

Project Closure Report Template In Word

Sample Project Closure Report Template

Simple Project Closure Report Template

What Is a Project Closure Report?

Project closure reports are the last documents prepared for projects, with the intent of assessing its success. There is also the purpose of cataloging the project’s deliverable so that the endeavor can be wrapped up officially. Although this is usually provided for in the form of a written and printed out business document, there are those who pursue alternative versions. One such example would be a project closure report PPT variant.

How to Write a Project Closure Report

If getting a sample project closeout document or a project closeout template doesn’t suit you, then there’s always the option of creating the report from scratch. Whatever your reasons for project closure, know that you can come up with a one-page project closure report or even more than that through the steps below. With this, you’ll never be at a loss on how to close a project ever again.

Step 1: State the Project Overview

For this first step, you must write a general project overview, which is a short description of the project overall. It will also provide some insight into the problem needed to be solved, the project’s goal, success criteria, and associated risks.

Step 2: Describe the Project Details, Scope, and Outcome

Since this is the project’s closing phase, the second step involves detailing what went on during the execution of the project. This will involve a closer look at the project scope and what outcomes it achieved. You may also include the costs that went into the project.

Step 3: Conduct a Project Performance Analysis

The third step is among the most important things you can do in writing up a project closure report. This is where you take the initial expectations, assumption logs, and forecasts, and then compare it to how everything actually turned out. You may refer to the goals, objectives, and success criteria initially identified in the first step.

Step 4: Describe the Lessons Learned

For the penultimate step, this is where the lessons you’ve taken from the project are written down. This step may be achieved with help from the input of others, especially those who were also closely involved with the project.

Step 5: Conclude with Recommendations

For the last step, write down what effective recommendations you have for future replications of the project or for similar ones. Take cues from the lessons gathered in the previous step.


Who is tasked with developing a project closure report?

The one who usually handles the creation of a project closure report is the project manager.

Why is it important to officially close a project?

Like the other processes of project management, the closing serves a distinct and equally important purpose. Through this report, an organization can gather new knowledge about the project’s result, which aids in avoiding future scenarios that may be unfavorable to them.

What are a project’s five phases?

Most projects undergo the following phases, the first being the project initiation. From there, it proceeds to the project operational planning, which is followed by the project execution phase. Then there’s the project monitoring and control phase, and then there’s the project closure.

Embarking on a project isn’t just about accomplishing that one endeavor, but it also entails learning from it for future reference. Having a project closure report helps with that in more ways than one, as you now know. Whether you decide to get a project closure report template free of charge from us or make one on your own, the fact is that you’re now in a better position to bring your projects to a proper ending. With your new-found knowledge, don’t waste any more time and end things the right way today!

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