A paper is synonymous to a research paper or a project paper. What is a research paper? A research paper is basically a final project of any college student during their time in college. It is typically used as a means of estimating the total amount of information the student has learned during their college years.

Writing a last-minute research paper is made much easier nowadays due to the easier access to information. This is so because the Internet allows for greater sharing of information, information like the format of the paper and even its contents.

Formatting a Research Paper

  • Have the entire page justified, meaning the sentences can reach one end of the margin to the other end of the margin (1-inch margins)
  • Set the page to have double spacing between each line.
  • When stating information you learned from other sites identify them by adding quotations.
  • Have the research paper in a font size 12.
  • The font Times New Roman or Arial is preferred.
  • On the first line of each paragraph, indent the sentence by seven spaces or by clicking the tab key.
  • Add a table or graph on each page as necessary.
  • Indicate the page numbers of each page.
  • As much as possible, avoid plagiarism.


Another way to learn about the exact formats of a research paper would be to review a research paper sample to learn the different types of research paper formats available. But the best possible way to learn the formats of a research paper would be to ask your teacher to explain the format once more.

What Format Should Be Used for the Paper?

In the past, the format to be used for making a paper of any kind would usually be completely dependent on the teacher; however, this would often lead to confusion and a disorderly design to the output of the paper. But thanks to several agreements on standardizing the exact format of a paper, APA formatting was developed. An APA format even includes guides on formatting abstracts for your research paper. Thanks to the standardizing of formats, it allowed for a more uniform and clean look of the paper as well as guides for making a paper.

APA Formatting Rules for Your Paper

An APA format is a guide to writing a research paper, or any project papers that you encounter. Below are formatting rules to follow:

  • The paper must have a margin of one inch on all sides so as to have a more formal appearance.
  • Always leave a space between your sentences to avoid reading confusions and to make the paper much easier to read.
  • Always add the source of the information you gathered in the bibliography section of your paper. This is done to avoid copyright issues.
  • Regardless of what format the paper will be in, the standard and unchangeable format size would always be 12 and the standard font in Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Indent the first line of every paragraph.
  • On the bottom right corner of your paper, indicate the page numbers of each page, provided your paper is several pages long.

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