A storyboard is a visual representation of a concept or idea. It is a useful tool commonly used in the creation of films, television commercials, animation, or any video project. This helps video producers and directors to carefully plan and lay out their ideas before a video can be made.

Creating a storyboard is essential in any video project that you may need to create. Without a storyboard, producers will not be able to accurately plan the video. A storyboard template uses a basic format that contains several boxes that contain a sequence of the key scenes in the video.

Why Do We Need a Storyboard?

  • Through a storyboard, it will be much easier for individuals to plan and visualize their ideas.
  • Since a storyboard contains the important scenes that you want in your video, other people will be able to clearly understand your concept.
  • A storyboard allows a production team to know the sequence and the process when creating a video, which will make it easier.
  • Though it may take time to create a storyboard, it will eventually save you time, especially if you have a storyboard format.

How to Create a Storyboard

To help you create a storyboard for your project, the steps in creating one are listed below. You can also refer to our storyboard examples to help you format one.

  • The first step you need to do when making a storyboard is to create several boxes. Each box represents the video frames or the key scenes in your video.
  • Create an illustration inside the boxes that you have created. It is important to include the necessary details that you want in your video.
  • Write a script and add a description that will explain how each scene will unfold.

8 Reasons Why a Storyboard Is Important

When you make a storyboard, you create a graphical representation of the sequence and flow of your project. This is an important process to ensure that you include all essential details that you want to incorporate in it. Also, there are downloadable free storyboard templates on this page.

  • By using a storyboard, producers and directors will be able to understand if a particular concept or idea works and is feasible.
  • A storyboard allows individuals to effectively make use of the video project’s budget. It ensures that you stay within the agreed budget for the project that you will be making.
  • Creating a storyboard also helps identify the problems and issues early on in the production of a film, animation, photography, and video. This enables them to make the necessary changes to fix it before the production starts.
  • Since a storyboard contains a script, this can be useful in determining whether a certain dialogue works for the video that you are creating.
  • Making a storyboard enables you to decide and plan the elements that you want in your project.
  • Having a storyboard allows you to easily share and discuss your idea since you have an output.


Additionally, we have templates for a comic storyboard available should you need them specifically.

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