The high-quality Daily Log Templates are very customizable and useful for small businesses. The log templates are also used for personal use. For instance, you can use them to track your work progress, create a call log list, assess your weight and create a log for your car to mention but just a few.

Training Log Template

Now keep track of each and every workout with Training Log Templates. These customizable and printable templates feature to date, exercise type, your weight, length of workout, your mood, workout location, and comments. Build your body in the right way with Training Log Templates.

Workout Log Template

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  • Word
  • Apple Pages

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Free Simple Mileage Log Template

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  • PDF
  • DOC
  • Apple Pages

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Free Daily Call Log Template

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  • Xlsx

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Free Media Call Log Template

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Training Log Template Download in PDF

Training Log Template Download in Word

Exercise Log Template

Keep track of your accomplishments and progress in your exercise and your body with Exercise Log Templates. You could take it to your gym and pen down the no of sets of a particular exercise, reps in each set and many more. Now record both your aerobic and strength training exercises with exercise logs.

Exercise Log Template Download PDF

Work Log Template

Work Log Templates are the perfect tool to manage your employee’s activities during the whole day. The Work Log Templates contain fields like name, department, date, supervisor’s name and start or the stop time along with the resources used and the signature of the employee.

Work Log Template Download in DOC

Communication Log Template

If you are a teacher, then Communication Log Template would help you record all the conversations you have with the parents. Even a business can keep a track of all its communication with the clients with these templates. It contains charts, dates, notes for review and information about the client.

Communication Log Template Word Download

Communication Log Template Free Download

Daily Log Template

Now handle your daily problems very well and plan remedy in detail with Daily Log Templates. Plan for an upcoming event and keep track of all of your daily activities and make sure that none of them has been overlooked by you with Daily Log Templates.

Daily Log Template Download in Excel

Daily Log Template Download in Word

Phone Log Template

To make sure that phone calls are made for business and not pleasure, track your subordinates and the phone calls they make with Phone Log Templates. This simple template contain fields like date, time, phone no, duration, person reached and call duration.

Phone Log Template Free Download

Phone Log Template Free Download in Doc

Time Log Template

Now track effective working timings of your employees with Time Log Templates. These templates contain fields like start time, end time, task description, remarks and many more. Now make sure that the employees stick to only 30 minutes of break during lunch time and mot more than that with Time Log Templates.

Time Log Template Sample Download

Time Log Template Download in XLS

Food Log Template

Now make sure that you eat well and your diet contains the nutrition that your body needs with Food Log Templates. These highly useful templates contain time, quantity, food name, calories consumed and fat intake to manage your diet better and engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Food Log Template Download in Word

Food Log Template Download in PDF

Workout Log Template

Keep track of your workout schedule and manage the calories burnt during workout with Workout Log Templates. These customizable and printable workout log templates feature date, workout type, your weight, length of workout, your mood, workout location and comments. Download these amazing templates for free right here.

Workout Log Template Download

Workout Log Template Download in PSD

Mileage Log Template

Mileage Log Templates are very handy both business owners and employees in tracking mileage and managing reimbursements of employees. Mileage Log Templates are really helpful for the companies for tax return purposes. So maximise efficiency and minimise the misuse of funds with both excel and word format Mileage Log Templates.

Mileage Log Template Sample Download

Reading Log Template

Reading Log Templates are quite useful for children, parents and teachers where a child’s reading can be logged and later on printed to track progress. These include date, title of the book, minutes read, from page no, to page no, student initials, parent’s initials, etc.

Reading Log Template Free Download

Reading Log Template Sample

Call Log Template

Call logs are extremely effective in maintaining the record of incoming and outgoing calls. These Call Log Templates contain fields like date, time of call, duration of call, incoming/outgoing, person who made/ received the call, etc. They are easily editable and you can add fields like purpose of call and others.

Call Log Template Download for Free

Call Log Template Download in Word

Log Sheet Template

Log Sheet Templates are simple, customizable and downloadable Log Sheet Templates which can be used by small businesses for various purposes. You can easily track time, calls, expenses, mileage, communication, issues related to your project and many more things with Log Sheet Templates.

Log Sheet Template Download in Doc

Log Sheet Template Download in Excel

Issue Log Template

Log, validate and act on your issues with these amazing issue log templates. Issue Log Templates are a perfect tool to make sure that the issues are resolved before the target date. Issue log templates contain the issue, priority, category of the issue, reported by, assigned to and any comments.

Issue Log Template Download

Issue Log Template Download in PDF

Activity Log Template

Activity Logs are the best way to manage your time with columns containing description of the task, timing, net worth of the activity and many more. Streamlining becomes easy when you organize your activities in an efficient manner and delegate jobs with help of Activity Log Templates.

Activity Log Template Sample Download

Generally, there are many log templates excel that you can download free and use for a purpose, which suits it best. Here are some few examples:

  • Free Workout log
  • Training log
  • Sample Equipment inventory
  • Excel Document log
  • Risk log
  • Action log template and
  • Sales log template

All these and more are available for download, so you never have to spend a lot of time creating them from the ground up.

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