A petition is a written document that is used to request or make an appeal to the government or to the people with authority. During the pre-modern Imperial China, petitions were used to complain about a corrupt official. Nowadays, petitions are used for varied reasons. With the help of petition guides, they are done in a uniform and acceptable manner.

Writing a petition requires that you know how a petition is being processed, as well as the essentials of a petition. In this article we will tell you about the importance of a petition and how to be able to write your own.

How to Start a New Petition

Follow these steps to be able to start a new petition. Also check other sample petition templates.

  • Determine where this petition is applicable or where it should submitted.
  • Write your petition according to the specific guidelines provided by the entity where the petition will be submitted to.
  • If you are doing an academic petition then follow the guidelines of the school for submitting petitions and the process associated to it.
  • If your petition is for a greater cause or is intended for the public or the government, follow the guidelines and terms and conditions they have for submitting petitions.
  • After submitting your petition, it will be processed and you will be contacted depending on the process being followed.

What Is the Petition of Right?

The is an English constitutional document dating back to the year 1628 during the reign of King Charles I. It was sent by the English parliament to King Charles as a form of their refusal to support or finance his foreign policy. This caused the king to make forced loans. He also forced his troops in his subject’s houses. The petition of right was written to limit or prohibit King Charles to make any infringements. See also community petition and school petition.

How to Write a Successful Petition

Petitions are used for a lot of reasons, from business petitions to employee petitions. Whatever your reason for writing that petition, making it effective and successful should be your number one goal. So here are things that you need to do to make your petition successful.

  • Your petition should always be written in a clear and concise way. There is no use for an ambiguous and confusing petition. The information that you want to relay to the people with authority and the public will not reach them the way you understand it.
  • Make your petition error-free. Always practice spell-checking and proofreading every work that you do, regardless if it is a petition or not. An error-free petition will look professional and believable.
  • Tell the world about your petition by emailing them to family and friends or to people you know share the same views about the particular petition.
  • Post your petition on social media. This allows people to become aware of your petition and can therefore gather more petition signers.
  • Join online forums related to your petition, or create your own forum. This way you can interact with people from across the globe.
  • Always be polite in your petition.
  • Provide your supporters with updates about the petition that is undergoing the process.

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