The importance of petitions in today’s modern world is ever increasing. The purpose of a petition would be to basically request either the government or a public servant to either cease the destruction of a certain landmark, removal or repealing of certain laws, or even the removal of elected officials from power.

If you are going to make a petition, you will need a few things, such as signer’s form for a petition and a lot of free time. Getting enough signatures is always time-consuming when you are doing it on your own. If you are feeling confused on how to make a signer’s form for a petition, you can always search for sample petition templates to use as a reference.

How to Write a Suitable Petition in a Step-by-Step Process

Before you write any petition, you must first state its purpose. This is because there are different types of petitions, each with their distinct purpose. For example, an academic petition is used by the student as a means to add additional subjects for their major. A school petition is like an academic petition is used by the students. However, it is a means of removing certain school regulations or rules. After stating your purpose for the petition, you should send the highest official in the area a request letter to formally request a confirmation of your petition. To make a petition you would need to do the following:

  • After identifying that your petition falls within the legal jurisdiction, identify how many signatures you will need for the petition to be allowed.
  • When having the person sign their signature for the petition, include their name and address for confirmation purposes.
  • When writing the petition, make your opening statement, clear, exact, and informative.
  • Add additional sentences or phrases to support your petition’s purpose and to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Next thing to make for a petition would be the signer’s form.

Checklist: The Top 10 Elements of a Successful Petition

Writing a successful petition—be it a community petition, an employee petition, a business petition, or even a school petition—is as simple as following these 10 requirements:

  • Have a headline hook, something that catches the reader’s attention.
  • You may think that petitions are boring and dull in design but in reality, people tend to make petitions as eye-catching as possible, so as to make it more likely that they will sign the petition.
  • Let’s face it, all of us want to read a clear and precise reason as to why anything is being done, especially if it’s a petition.
  • If you have rivals, use their own topic against them by stating how your petition benefits the signatory more.
  • Give a short summary of your topic.
  • When writing your petition, make it sound active, like you’re trying to start a movement.
  • Always read what you made and make sure that the grammar is correct.
  • Identify who is the main target of your petition and why exactly are they your target.
  • Remember to always keep the petition short and simple so as to prevent getting the readers bored.
  • If you’re planning to put your petition online, then odds are you need to add in keywords relating to your topic and add your petition on easy to access sites.

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