An army standard operating procedure or SOP is a step-by-step manual of a soldier, in which it will inform the soldier what his objectives are and how to accomplish them. These kinds of protocols are useful when the soldier is behind enemy lines and has no means of contacting command for further instructions. The uses of SOP are that it can be a means of a fail-safe if ever units cannot contact headquarters. In a select sample of research on a soldier’s habits when no contact from HQ is present, they tend to become lazy and inactive. Using an SOP could give soldiers some things to do.

RTO in Military

RTO in the military aspect means Radio Telephone Operator, whose primary function is to establish communication with command. In the army’s Standard Operating Procedure, when a squad cannot contact command due to equipment failure, they are required to be able to search for a means of communication or a method of repairing their pieces of equipment to contact command.

ARMY SOP Regulations

Army SOP Regulations is a means of standardizing and making all army documents in a formal format so as to easily segregate and divide information. It also contains step-by-step instructions on what to do in an emergency. For example, a unit cannot contact command or is unable to communicate in any form. Regulations dictate that a search party is sent for possible rescue and recovery of the missing unit/s. When making an SOP, it is much simpler and more formal to just use one of our Sample SOP Templates.

Physical Security Operations, Standard Operating Procedure

Physical security operations is basically another term used to describe units or operatives whose purpose is to protect a certain client. Sounds familiar? They are basically bodyguards; they follow a standard operating procedure just like everyone else. When making a general format for SOP, you can either use a template you can find online or use an available SOP template that is usually available at the offices of these types of organizations.

Army SOP Formatting Guide

Preparing an SOP format for the army can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have a ready-made format; however, there are free SOP template on this site that can make it easier for you to be able to make one, just follow some of these tips:

  • Identify important factors
    • The What – This portion identifies what situation the soldier or unit is in and will help in guiding the soldier on what to do next.
    • The Why – This is a means to allow the unit to focus on the objective, knowing that the cause of the situation can be determined and thus, be ready for it.
    • The How – This will give the soldiers a guide on how to manage supplies and what to do in order to remove themselves from the situation.
  • Ensure there are protocols for a wide variety of situations
    • Security is the main issue for a standard operating procedure. It gives the units a set of guidelines to follow when there are no means of further contact from command.

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