standard operating procedure is a set of rules or guidelines on how to perform. It is essentially a manual of how to get things done. A good example would be when a researcher is preparing a sample for research. They must go through a series of instructions and steps in order to complete their research. In research, a standard operating procedure is basically the scientific theory in which there are steps a researcher must take in order to finish his goal.

The uses of SOP are of utmost importance due to the number of benefits following a standard operating procedure, which is a set of guidelines or instructions, which could save time and effort in most cases; it also adds to a form of security measure.

Standard Writing Format of a Statement of Purpose

Now, you may think that writing a statement of purpose or a standard operating procedure is something of a challenge; however, if you review our Sample SOP Templates, it is not that challenging. A standard operating procedure is essentially a set of guidelines, so what are the other things that follow a set of guidelines? In short, writing a statement of purpose is just like writing any other documents; you just have to follow its format, which, oddly enough, does not start with the introduction but rather the following:

  • A list of reasons that should answer the three most common questions so as to allow readers to easily understand.
    • What is it about?
    • Why is it being done?
    • How should the reader respond to the statement?
  • Then the introduction of the statement of the purpose. This portion of the statement of purpose is usually used as a means of catching the readers’ attention, so feel free to add some interesting facts.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual

This manual is the culmination of all the standard operating procedures of any group or organization, be it business based, military based, or even academic organizations. A standard operating procedure is, in fact, an effective means of balancing productivity and quality. In most cases it is usually referred to as a means of quality assurance. Since we are learning about SOP, let us state a fun fact: an SOP format is basically a standard operating procedure of its own template.

Guidelines for Preparing General SOP Format

Now, you may be asking for some guideline or outline tips on how to make a standard operating procedure be it for a small business, or maybe an army SOP. Well, to that you have two choices: either use one of our free SOP template available here or follow the set of instructions below:

  • It should answer these questions so that it will be easily understood by the readers.
    • What is the reason for the standard operating procedure?
    • Why is it being done?
    • How should the reader carry out the standard operating procedures?
  • Then the introduction. The introduction is the second line. This is done so as to catch the readers’ attention before stating your introduction.
  • Afterward, you state how the readers can learn more.

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