If ever you are leaving your current company to find a new job somewhere, or taking a long leave of absence form, or you’re promoted to a higher position, you have a responsibility to do before you go; you need to give a handover note and do the whole handover process to your successor or your colleagues who will be taking over your job responsibilities. This process is important to make sure that the responsibilities you’ll be leaving won’t remain dormant and continue the tasks efficiently. Before doing the handover process though, you need to create a sample checklist to help organize your handover note and to avoid forgetting important details to put in your handover note. Read the article to know how to make a handover checklist.

If ever you are leaving your current company to find a new job somewhere, or taking a long leave of absence form, or you’re promoted to a higher position, you have a responsibility to do before you go; you need to give a handover note and do the whole handover process to your successor or your colleagues who will be taking over your job responsibilities. This process is important to make sure that the responsibilities you’ll be leaving won’t remain dormant and continue the tasks efficiently. Before doing the handover process though, you need to create a sample checklist to help organize your handover note and to avoid forgetting important details to put in your handover note. Read the article to know how to make a handover checklist.

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Download Handover Checklist Bundle

Resignation Handover Checklist

Project Name: Redesign Website Launch
Project Manager: Emily Carter
Start Date: January 15, 2024
Expected Completion Date: June 30, 2024
Handover Date: June 15, 2024

Introduction and Overview

  • Introduction of the project to the new project manager, Alex Reed.
  • Overview of project objectives and scope discussed.

Key Responsibilities and Daily Tasks

  • Detailed list of project manager responsibilities provided.
  • Daily task schedule and critical checkpoints reviewed.

Status of Ongoing Projects

  • Update on current status of the website redesign provided.
  • Documentation of next steps and expected deliverables outlined.

Pending Tasks and Immediate Priorities

  • List of incomplete tasks detailed, prioritizing the final testing phase.
  • Immediate priorities, including user feedback compilation, highlighted.

Important Contacts

  • Contact information for the design team, IT support, and key stakeholders compiled.
  • Schedule of regular meetings with the client and team leads shared.

Access to Documents and Files

  • Directions for accessing project documents on the company server given.
  • Login credentials for the project management software and design tools provided.

Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations

  • Ongoing challenges with website responsiveness on mobile devices noted.
  • Recommendations for addressing pending issues, including potential vendor support, shared.

Additional Information

  • Any special instructions for the project’s final phase communicated.
  • Tips for managing team dynamics and maintaining project momentum offered.

Handover Formalities

  • Sign-off on the handover document by both outgoing and incoming project managers.
  • Introduction meeting between the incoming project manager and the project team arranged.

Review and Acknowledgment

  • Final review of the project handover checklist completed.
  • Acknowledgment of the handover process by the incoming project manager, Alex Reed, and the project sponsor documented.
resignation handover checklist

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Project Handover Checklist

Project Information

  • Project Name: GreenTech Solutions Implementation
  • Project Manager: Jane Doe
  • Start Date: January 5, 2024
  • End Date: June 30, 2024
  • Handover Date: July 1, 2024

Key Deliverables

  • Finalized project report
  • User manuals and training materials
  • Access to project management software
  • Completed software code and documentation
  • Warranty and support agreements


  • Final budget report
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Audit trail of project expenses
  • Outstanding payments list

Legal and Compliance

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Intellectual property rights documentation
  • Compliance audit reports
  • Licenses and permits

Assets and Inventory

  • List of purchased hardware and software
  • Asset registration and tagging records
  • Inventory of leftover materials
  • Equipment warranties and service agreements

Stakeholder Information

  • List of project team members
  • Contact information for key stakeholders
  • Roles and responsibilities document
  • Client and vendor contact list

Training and Support

  • Training session records
  • Support team contact information
  • Feedback and evaluation summaries
  • Transition plan for ongoing support

Documentation and Records

  • Project plan and schedule
  • Meeting minutes and decision log
  • Change management documentation
  • Test plans and results

Closing Actions

  • Project closure report
  • Lessons learned and recommendations
  • Client sign-off on deliverables
  • Team recognition and rewards
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HR Handover Checklist

Employee Information

  • Name: [Sample: John Doe]
  • Position: [Sample: Marketing Manager]
  • Date of Joining: [Sample: 2023-01-15]
  • Date of Exit: [Sample: 2024-03-31]

Handover Details

  • Replacement’s Name: [Sample: Jane Smith]
  • Handover Date: [Sample: 2024-03-20]
  • Documents Transferred:
    • Employment contract
    • Performance reviews
    • Training records

Access and Credentials

  • Email Accounts: Transfer and deactivate
  • Software Access: Revoke or reassign
  • Physical Assets: List items (e.g., laptop, keys) and return status

Ongoing Projects

  • Project Name: [Sample: Product Launch 2024]
  • Status: In progress
  • Key Contacts: [Sample: Tom Brown, Project Coordinator]

Financial Information

  • Pending Reimbursements: List and status
  • Final Payroll Date: [Sample: 2024-04-15]

Exit Interview

  • Date Conducted: [Sample: 2024-03-25]
  • Key Feedback Points: Summary of discussion

Legal and Compliance

  • Confidentiality Agreement: Confirmation of understanding
  • Non-Compete Clause: Status and reminder

These checkboxes can be used to track completion of each item in the HR handover process, ensuring a comprehensive and orderly transition.

Office Handover Checklist

To ensure a thorough and organized office handover, use the following checklist with checkboxes for each item:

General Information

  • Handover Date: [Insert Date]
  • Outgoing Party: [Insert Name/Company]
  • Incoming Party: [Insert Name/Company]
  • Location: [Insert Office Address]

Key Documents

  • Lease Agreement
  • Recent Utility Bills
  • Property Insurance Documents
  • Maintenance Records

Keys and Access

  • Front Door Keys
  • Office Keys
  • Access Cards
  • Security Alarm Codes

Office Equipment and Furniture

  • Desks and Chairs
  • Computers and Monitors
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Telephones and Fax Machines

IT and Communication

  • Network Devices (Routers, Switches)
  • Wi-Fi Access Credentials
  • Email Account Details
  • Server Access Information


  • Electricity Meter Reading
  • Water Meter Reading
  • HVAC System Status
  • Lighting Fixtures

Maintenance and Services

  • Cleaning Service Contracts
  • Equipment Service Agreements
  • Emergency Contact List


  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Deposit Information
  • Final Billing Statements

Condition of Premises

  • Inventory List
  • Damage Report
  • Cleaning Status


  • Outgoing Party Signature
  • Incoming Party Signature
  • Witness Signature (if applicable)
office handover checklist

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Job Handover Checklist Template

job handover checklist template

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  • MS Word
  • Google Docs
  • Pages


Handover Process Checklist Template

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Clinical Handover Checklist Template

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What is project handover checklist?

A project handover checklist is a systematic and detailed document that serves as a guide for the seamless transition of a project from one team or phase to another. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that the knowledge, responsibilities, and deliverables associated with a project are effectively transferred to the receiving party. This comprehensive checklist encompasses various aspects of the handover process, promoting clarity, accountability, and continuity. Here’s an in-depth exploration of a project work handover checklist:

  1. Documentation Review:
    • Objective: Ensure that all project process documentation is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.
    • Tasks:
      • Review project plans, schedules, and timelines.
      • Verify the completeness of technical documentation, including code repositories and databases.
      • Confirm the accuracy of financial records and budget reports.
  2. Stakeholder Communication:
    • Objective: Facilitate effective communication with all relevant stakeholders during the handover process.
    • Tasks:
      • Notify stakeholders of the upcoming handover and provide relevant details.
      • Conduct meetings or workshops to address any concerns or questions.
      • Establish communication channels for ongoing support and updates.
  3. System Testing:
    • Objective: Validate the functionality and performance of the project’s systems or deliverables.
    • Tasks:
      • Conduct thorough testing of software applications, ensuring they meet quality standards.
      • Perform system integration testing to identify and resolve any compatibility issues.
      • Validate hardware components and infrastructure for optimal performance.
  4. Outstanding Deliverables:
    • Objective: Identify and address any outstanding tasks or deliverables.
    • Tasks:
      • Compile a sample list of pending deliverables and associated deadlines.
      • Work collaboratively to complete outstanding tasks before the handover.
      • Confirm that all contractual obligations are met.
  5. Knowledge Transfer:
    • Objective: Transfer essential knowledge and expertise from the current team to the receiving team.
    • Tasks:
      • Conduct knowledge-sharing sessions, including training workshops and documentation reviews.
      • Document key processes, workflows, and troubleshooting procedures.
      • Assign mentors or liaisons to provide ongoing support.
  6. Risk Assessment:
    • Objective: Identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the handover.
    • Tasks:
      • Assess the impact of the handover on project timelines and deliverables.
      • Develop contingency plans for potential challenges or disruptions.
      • Collaborate with relevant teams to address and resolve any identified risks.
  7. Asset Transfer:
    • Objective: Ensure the smooth transfer of physical and digital assets related to the project.
    • Tasks:
      • Inventory and transfer hardware, software licenses, and other physical assets.
      • Update access controls and permissions for digital assets.
      • Provide documentation for asset ownership and maintenance.
  8. Closure and Evaluation:
    • Objective: Officially close the current phase or iteration of the project and assess its overall success.
    • Tasks:
      • Conduct a project review to evaluate achievements, challenges, and lessons learned.
      • Document best practices and areas for improvement.
      • Celebrate milestones and acknowledge the contributions of the project team.

In essence, a project handover checklist serves as a comprehensive roadmap for orchestrating a smooth and effective transition. By systematically addressing each element, organizations can ensure that projects evolve seamlessly, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the potential for continued success.

Executive Handover Checklist Template

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Handover Checklist in PDF

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Importance of Handover Checklist

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  1. Seamless Transition: Ensures a smooth transfer of responsibilities, tasks, and information from one party to another, minimizing disruption to operations or projects.
  2. Clarity and Accountability: Provides clear guidelines and expectations, ensuring all parties understand their roles and responsibilities during the handover process.
  3. Risk Management: Helps identify and mitigate potential risks or issues associated with the transition, reducing the likelihood of errors or oversights.
  4. Continuity of Operations: Ensures continuity in project or task execution by documenting critical information and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks during the transition.
  5. Efficiency and Productivity: Streamlines the handover process, saving time and resources by providing a structured framework for transferring information and tasks.
  6. Communication and Collaboration: Facilitates effective communication and collaboration between outgoing and incoming parties, ensuring a shared understanding and alignment of objectives.
  7. Quality Assurance: Helps maintain the quality and consistency of work by documenting procedures, standards, and expectations for the incoming party to follow.
  8. Documentation and Compliance: Serves as a formal record of the handover process, providing evidence of compliance with organizational policies, regulations, or contractual obligations.

Basic Handover Checklist Template

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Landscape Handover Checklist Template

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Size: 170 KB


What is Handover Types?

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Handovers in project management can take different forms, each catering to specific circumstances and project requirements. Here are common types of handovers:

  1. Technical Handover:
    • Description: Involves the transfer of technical knowledge, including system architecture, coding practices, and technology-specific details.
    • Use Case: Relevant when transitioning a project from a development team to an operations or maintenance team.
  2. Operational Handover:
    • Description: Focuses on operational aspects such as procedures, workflows, and day-to-day management review of systems or processes.
    • Use Case: Useful when shifting responsibility from one operational team to another within an organization.
  3. Administrative Handover:
    • Description: Encompasses the transfer of administrative responsibilities, documentation, and project-related assets.
    • Use Case: Applicable when transitioning a project from one department to another or during a change in project leadership.
  4. Knowledge Handover:
    • Description: Involves the transfer of critical project knowledge, insights, and expertise from one team or individual to another.
    • Use Case: Essential in situations where unique skills or domain knowledge are central to project success.
  5. Client Handover:
    • Description: Centers on transitioning a completed project or service to the client, ensuring they have the necessary information for ongoing management.
    • Use Case: Common in consultancy or service-based projects where the client takes control after project scope completion.
  6. Phased Handover:
    • Description: Involves a gradual transition of project components or responsibilities over several phases.
    • Use Case: Useful when implementing large projects where an immediate full handover might be impractical.
  7. Financial Handover:
    • Description: Focuses on the transfer of financial responsibilities, budget control, and accounting processes.
    • Use Case: Relevant when transitioning financial management from one team to another within a project.
  8. Succession Handover:
    • Description: Occurs when there is a change in project leadership, and responsibilities are handed over to a successor.
    • Use Case: Common during organizational changes or when key project leaders transition out of their roles.
  9. Project Closure Handover:
    • Description: Involves finalizing all project activities, documentation, and responsibilities as the project officially concludes.
    • Use Case: Occurs at the end of a project life cycle, ensuring a smooth transition to post-project activities.
  10. Emergency Handover:
    • Description: Occurs unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances, requiring an immediate transfer of responsibilities.
    • Use Case: Applicable in situations such as sudden team member departures or emergencies that impact project continuity.

These handover types can be adapted and combined based on the unique characteristics of a project, ensuring a tailored approach that meets specific needs and challenges. Each type aims to facilitate a smooth transition, maintain project continuity, and set the stage for ongoing success.

Standard Hand Over Checklist Template

File Format
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Size: 34 KB


Patient Handover Checklist Template

File Format
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Size: 16 KB


Water Pre-Handover Checklist Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 60 KB


Handover Document Checklist

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 44 KB


Details to Include in a Handover Checklist

As mentioned before, sample checklist is beneficial for you to remember all the details you need to include in your handover note. This is to make sure that no important details; such as tasks or resources needed by your successor to efficiently continue doing your position role. First, grab a writing instrument and a sheet of paper. This is where you’ll write the draft of your checklist before you finalize it. Here are some things you have to include in your checklist:

  1. A detailed description of your daily task checklist and their processes (include a process map to make it easier to understand. This is especially helpful if the processes are quite complicated to write)
  2. Day-to-day activities or the secondary tasks or responsibilities you do
  3. Access to all relevant spreadsheets, files, documents, email accounts, and other confidential files
  4. All your unfinished sample project report, including their current status, and their deadlines
  5. List of key contacts such as customers, clients, stakeholders, managers
  6. Ongoing issues affecting your current project handover or responsibilities that need to be addressed
  7. Logins and passwords details
  8. Other important details such as the location of keys, stationery, tools that the successor will need

How to Do the Handover Process

  • Make a plan: Plan your handover properly. The checklist can help you know what to input in your handover note. Your handover is important because your successor and colleagues will use this as their guide to continue your work.
  • Talk to your successor: Before you leave, take some time to orient your successor on how to do your work properly and let them ask for clarifications so you can show them your work process properly and answer their queries.
  • Make sure your handover is clear and concise: Your handover note sample must be comprehensible. Don’t use difficult vocabulary or jargon that is unnecessary and make your handover hard to read.

Once you’re done writing your checklist draft, make sure you included every important detail in it. Once you’re sure it’s time to transfer it to a more formal checklist sample with a more organized format. You can create your format using a word document, or to make it easier for you, you can download our free project closeout checklist samples provided above for you to use as your format or guide for your checklist!


What is the importance of a handover?

A handover promotes continuous productivity, less disruption, and fewer mistakes for the person assigned to continue doing the tasks.

What is another word for handover?

There are many synonyms of the word handover. Some words that mean the same with handover are submission, surrender, handing over, transferral, granting, or bequest.

What should be included in a handover list?

A handover list should include essential items or tasks, contact information, deadlines, and relevant details to ensure a smooth transition, whether for a Project Service Handover Checklist, job, or responsibility.

What is the standard handover process?

The standard handover process involves briefing the incoming party on responsibilities, tasks, deadlines, providing necessary documentation, addressing queries, and ensuring a seamless transition of roles or project handover checklist.

What does a good handover look like?

A good handover is clear, comprehensive, and well-documented, with detailed information, responsibilities, deadlines, and resources, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruptions to operations or projects.

What is project handover checklist?

A project handover checklist is a document outlining tasks, responsibilities, and actions required to transition a project from one individual or team to another, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership and continuity.

In conclusion, the handover checklist serves as a meticulous guide, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive transition. Its structured approach fosters efficiency, accountability, and successful project continuity.

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