Charts are graphical representations of data or information and are displayed through graphs, tables, and diagrams. A bar chart is one example of a chart that uses rectangular bars to display information. Bar charts are commonly used to compare categorical data such as types of animals, age group, etc.

There are different types of charts that can be used depending on how you want a particular data to be displayed. There are various types of charts available on this site. If you are looking for a pie chart, the samples that we have below will be useful to you.

How to Use a Pie Chart

Below are the steps on how to use a pie chart. Also, if you need a guide to help you in creating a pie chart or any type of chart, the chart samples available can be useful to you.

  • Showcase the proportions of a common whole or an item to provide information about the percentage of what makes its entirety.
  • Identify the variables that are present within a system.
  • Specify the content of a material varying on how they cover a particular purpose, process, or issue.
  • Individualize the items and how they can affect a whole process, material, group, or procedure.

How to Build a Pie Chart

Pie charts are useful tools in displaying a particular part of a whole or percentage. The steps in building a pie chart are as follows:

  • Gather the information or data that you will need to input in your pie chart.
  • Based on the information that you have gathered, calculate the percentage or proportion of each category of data.
  • Draw a circle and divide them into sections depending on the percentage of the data.
  • Color each section, add the names and the percentage of each section.


Additionally, a measurement chart is also another type of chart that is used to display measurements of a particular data.

 Tips for Creating Better Pie Charts

In business, charts are important tools for visualizing the status of certain data and information. For example, time chart samples are useful in planning projects and tasks by allotting the time needed to accomplish them. Rate charts are also another type of chart used to display various currencies. However, a pie chart is used to organize and display the numerical data of particular categories. If you want to create a visual summary of data, you can make use of a pie chart. Here are some tips to help you create an effective pie chart:

  • When creating a pie chart, avoid using more than five sections since this will make information harder to read.
  • Place the largest section on the top part of the pie chart and then work your way around it.
  • Always keep your pie chart simple and avoid adding unnecessary details.
  • Focus on the essential information to include when creating a pie chart.
  • When creating a pie chart or any type of chart, use colors that will make your pie chart pop.
  • Always include a legend when creating a pie chart in order for viewers to understand the information in your pie chart.

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