Candidates for a job application needs a testimony regarding their true attitudes and skills when it comes in performing a task, character reference is the tool that can prove ones abilities, behavior and reliability which may come from a person’s family, neighbor or previous employers. This commendation letter is helpful for employers whether they will hire an applicant or not based on other people’s observation on them.Free sample template can be seen online where you can download the document you need or you can make one at Microsoft word which can print the document instantly after typing down the statements. Character reference template is the best tool to escort a person on what is to be written in the letter for the applicant to be look good in their employer. You can also see Job Reference Templates.

Character Reference Template

A character reference is usually made by such a person who enjoys a good reputation in the society and happens to know you. A character reference especially vouches for one’s honesty and can help prove credibility and innocence in the court of law.

Character Reference Template Sample

This is a sample document showing what character reference certificates look like. It includes the part where the person writing the certificate vouches for the person being written about and all of his qualities are mentions, usually the good ones are highlighted.

Character Reference Template Example

Character references are important for getting original licenses and for many other official purposes. As many as 3 character references are required at the time of original license application so as to attest the person’s behavior, habits and recommend him to be suitable for the situation.

Free Printable Character Reference Template

These are downloadable free ready to print templates, available online. Using these is hassle free – just download it, fill in the names wherever required and makes the other necessary changes wherever required and it’s good to go.

Printable Character Reference Template

Character Reference Template PDF

Character Reference Template Free Sample PDF

What is a Character Certificate?

A character certificate is a document wherein the writer vouches for the capabilities, characteristics of the person being written about in terms of that person’s ability to perform a particular function or task. Letters of reference are usually related to jobs, and can also be known as employment reference or job reference. They can also be used for scholarship eligibility and admission to institutions for higher education. Character certificates are usually requested to be written by someone about him/her and are therefore addressed to a particular person or organization whoever is requesting for the reference. They can also be written without addressing any particular addressee for that matter and may simply be applicable to whosoever it my concern.

What Are The Advantages Of Character Reference Certificates?

A character reference certificate can prove very advantageous for the person being written about. As mentioned previously, a character reference certificate certifies or vouches for the credibility of a person, his abilities, behavior, habits, etc. and certifies him to be fit for a particular job. So it can be extremely advantageous for the person being written about as because he can get the job or the post he has been looking for, on the basis of the recommendation letter. It helps the organization as well as they get to know some of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and base their decision on that information. You can also see Landlord Reference Templates.

How to Write a Character Reference Certificate?

A character reference certificate cannot be written by anyone and everyone. It ceases to have a meaning if anyone and everyone starts vouching for people. A character certificate can only be drawn by a person or organization which enjoys a certain amount of credibility in the society. Unless one he is credible enough there is no value for his reference. But if one fulfils that criterion then he is qualified to write a character certificate.

  • Write the character certificate letter.
  • Make it formal and stick to the format.
  • Keep the letter as positive as possible.

In today’s world of cut throat competition it has become incredibly hard to land the job we so desire or get admitted to an organization we want to. In such a scenario, a character reference certificate goes a long way to help out in getting the things we want. You can also see Trade Reference Templates.

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