Recruiting a candidate is a tedious and mind boggling procedure. When an employer is considering a candidate for a post, he will request the candidate to bring Sample Job Reference Template along with the credentials and resume. The employer will examine the Reference Letter at length and understand his morale, experience, special skills and other specific achievements.Some employers consider the reference letter as an important tool and decide to reject or appointment based on it. This letter should be crystal clear and free of all errors.Sample Job Reference Template is attached for further actions.

Job Reference Request

job reference request

This template is a simple format that an employer sends to the references provided by the applicant. It asks the previous employer about what was the basis of an applicant’s previous employment. It also asks about other details of candidate’s previous job. Then it enquires about your academic performances from your current or previous school or teacher.

Job Reference List

job reference list

This reference list sample is very helpful in understanding how to categorize your reference list when applying for a new job. While listing references, mention only those references who have agreed to your proposal of being one of your references. List you references in the order in which want them to be contacted. Serve a copy of your resume to your references and keep them updated on the selection status. If you are selected, don’t forget to send a thank you note to them. Name of each reference must be paired with their current post, address, contact number and e-mail ID.

Sample Reference Check Questions

sample reference check questions

This sample template comes with guidelines on how to make conversation with the references that candidate has mentioned. First you have to state the exact purpose of your call. Ask the person if it is a good time to talk. Then describe briefly the position and post the candidate has applied for. Try to figure out the relationship between the applicant and the reference.

Job Reference Letter Sample

job reference letter sample

It shows the name of the person who has requested you to write this reference letter. Please mention the job title the candidate has applied for. It should also be mentioned that information shared in this letter will not be shared with anyone else for some other purpose. The second paragraph of the letter tells about the professional or academic relationship between the reference and the applicant and last segment talks about the special quality of the candidate. It ends with writer’s name and current job title.

Employment Reference Form

employment reference form

Sample Resume Reference Page

sample resume reference page

Reference Tracking Sheet

reference tracking sheet

Job Reference Template

job reference template

Who Needs Job Reference Template?

Both the employer and the applicant need job reference template. An applicant can impress the employer with job references that describes his/her skills. On the other hand, employer can verify an applicant’s ability to perform the job responsibility. it engages your personal references to find about your mental ability, developing capability, attitude, impression on others, problem solving ability and personal traits. When filled up with the details asked by the employer, the applicant needs to attach the form along with the job application.

When Do You Need Job Reference Template?

It is not that only the applicant need job reference template. The employer also needs the job reference template to summarize professional, academic and personal information of all candidates. Even the person who is referring the applicant requires a job reference template to write a proper recommendation letter. It is a suggested thing for writing a reference letter for an applicant. The letter will start with proper salutation. First paragraph should convey the purpose of writing the letter.

How to Design Job Reference Template?

You can design your own job reference template after evaluating the points you want to cover. If you find it bit difficult then you can download some readymade templates from web at free of cost. Verify the points regarding job tittle, salary and date of employment. Follow the same check points for all the applicants. Make your decision only after finishing with all references and weighing them on same scale.

Keep your job referrals ready with you and enjoy an edge over other candidates competing with you for the same job position. When you are listing down your references, keep the list consistent with your resume in respect to the paper, font and format.You can also see Trade Reference Templates.

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