Wedding, a one day celebration, is always a great moment for two plus many. It is a time people come together to celebrate the newly wedded couple for the decision they have made. But a wedding Catering Menu Templates is never complete just because the bride and the groom have made vows and taken oaths to be with each other in good and bad times. It is complete when there is food or the attendees would go home angry and hungry.

Simple Wedding Menu Template to Print

PSD Wedding Menu Invitation Card Template

Printable Wedding Buffet Menu Template

Customizable Wedding Menu Invitation PSD Template

Summer Floral Wedding Menu Card Template

Editable PSd Reception Wedding Menu Template

Wedding Ceremony Menu Template

Beach Wedding Menu Card Design Template

Rustic Wedding Menu Template

Garden Wedding Menu Card Template Download

Wedding Invitation Menu Cards Template

The highly-customizable wedding menu design offers comes with elegantly written menu with an illustrious border and attractive and enticing font and backdrop. It’s avintage wedding menu template.

Best Wedding Menu Template

A sweet, simple yet sophisticated and elegant wedding card design with dark rustic backdrop and amazing font type, this template is highly engaging. Create your own Wedding menu card with free downloadable, editable, printable versions.


On the auspicious occasion of Marriages, the Wedding Cards plays a significant role. No matter for which income-group the bride and the groom belongs, it is always the wedding which should be perfect and it starts from a perfect wedding card. In order to choose the right Wedding Menu Template, it is important to know their designs and features.


Wedding cards can be used in occasion of weddings, anniversaries, engagements and many other occasions related to marriage

Elegant Wedding Menu Template

This is the wedding menu choice cards templates where the user is free to choose design, font, style, and other editions. This is one for the new Social Media generation people with awesomely integrated social media plugins as designs.

Creative Wedding Menu Template

This DIY wedding menu template is meant to be one of the finest wedding menu card samples perhaps because of its sophisticated and customizable features. It is available in free downloadable, editable, printable formats.

Amazing Wedding Menu Template

With white backdrop, specially designed font type and size, integrated designs make it look classy and stand amongst the crowd. It is available for free downloadable, editable, printable versions.

Dazzling Wedding Menu Template

Sprinkled with flowers on the top and bottom, this wedding menu design is a lot attractive compare to other designs. With amalgam of attractive flowery designs clubbed with white backdrop and the best font available, it makes a great wedding menu card sample.

Wedding Menu Template PSD

With an adorable border and tempting design, this wedding card design strike the right cords as it is a rustic wedding menu template. It is available infree downloadable, editable, printable formats.


There are numerous types of wedding card templates like the best wedding card template or the elegant or the vintage and so on.


The Purpose is to create a long lasting impact on people who will be attending the weddings. It takes just a moment to damage the reputation if you have the wrong wedding card template and hence, this ready-made, high customizable wedding card templates make it lot easier to choose the right one.

Attractive Wedding Menu Template

It is a combination of simple wedding menu design withrustic wedding menu templatefused together to create an awesome template. It is highly personalizing with free printable menu templates for wedding designs.

Wonderful Wedding Menu Template

It has an elegant, sophisticated wedding menu designs. It is highly-customizable with free downloadable, editable, printable versions available. The fonts are well selected with brilliant colour combination and artistic designs.

Wedding Menu Template Photoshop

Use of Photoshop to create Wedding Menu card samples has opened numerous possibilities in customizable, personalized wedding menu designs.It can be customized with numerous font sizes, designs, colours, etc.

Fabulous Wedding Menu Template

Remarkable Wedding Menu Template

Wedding Menu Template Photoshop PSD

How to Create

The templates are available in many formats. You can choose the desired one and customize it as you want. However, it is good to go with the original design to as to prevent deterioration of template.


Depending upon the design you like, you can choose the right wedding card template or you can tweak into the features to get the best out of any wedding card template here.

Fantastic Wedding Menu Template

Wedding Buffet Menu

Wedding Menu Template

Wedding Menu Sample

Wedding Menu Card

Wedding Reception Menu

Sample Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu Wording

We have brought together a collection of sample Wedding Lunch Menu Templates to help you create meal menu for the guest that are available. The idea in each template is to highlight the available meals in a style. Designed and decorated to signify romance, these are a masterpiece for every wedding occasion. The hundreds of the sample template word available for download are suitable for use in every wedding, and those who previously planned to buy these can actually them free.

Important details to include in the menu include the types of foods available, the type of drinks available and the appropriate venue for taking the meals, usually after the declaration of the couple as husband and wife. You can customize the menu to include a welcome and thank you note, a good way to appreciate the presence of everyone who took their time to accept the invitation to the event.The sample Wedding Menu Templates are free. Do not be fooled into buying any template because they are available for free download. Just download, customize and then print.

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