Are you planning on opening up your own business or planning a celebration or a wedding Menu Templates! Well, you need some of the most gorgeous sample menu card template that you can find. There are plenty of great classy, elegant and gorgeous options that you can use for your business or party. Here are just a few that you can look at that can be used for any occasion that you can plan.

Floral Wedding Menu Card Template

floral wedding menu card template

Beach Wedding Menu Card Template

beach wedding menu card template

Restaurant Menu Template

restaurant menu

Chalkboard Menu Template

chalkboard menu

BBQ Menu Template

bbq menu

Birthday Party Menu Template

birthday party menu template

Cafe Menu Template

cafe menu templat

Food Menu Template in Word

cafe menu templat1

Printable Menu Card Template

printable menu card template

This is a simple, yet classy option and it would work perfectly for a wedding or other party. On the top it simply says dinner menu in a flowy font and then tells what will be served for each course, including first, second, dessert and tea and coffee options.

Japanese Bistro Menu Card Template

japanese bistro menu card template

If you have a restaurant where you are serving up Japanese, Chinese or other Oriental cuisine, then this would be the perfect option. You can put pictures of various dishes on the sides and then detail what dishes are available and what they will cost.

Beautiful Menu Card Template

beautiful menu card template

This is a simple, yet beautiful sample menu card template that you can use. It can be folded in half and on the front you can put some different pictures of what you offer. Inside you can put all of the details regarding the options, including the descriptions and prices.

Wonderful Menu Card Template

wonderful menu card template

This is another simple, yet classy option and it can be folded in half or even left open and the colors used are browns and yellows. It has different categories that you can put the dishes into as well as the cost.

Delicious Barista Menu Card

delicious barista menu card

If you have a cafe, then this is the perfect option for you. It is shaped in a triangle shape to represent a sandwich and it has one side that is attached and the customer can flip through the options to see what they want.

Wedding Menu Card Template

This is another gorgeous Sample Menu Card template that you can use for a wedding. It says the name of the couple along with the date and it lists what meal options are available for what courses that allows the guests to select.

Trifold Menu Card Template

trifold menu card template

This is an option that you can fold 3 times to make a thin, skinny option and on the front you can put the name of the restaurant along with a photo and contact information. Inside you can list all of your available options that the customers can choose from.

Sample Gold Wedding Menu Card

sample gold wedding menu card

This is a simple, yet elegant design and it is perfect for a wedding or even for a party. The name and date of the couple is on the top and then all of the courses and options are listed under the various categories, including salad, soup, entree and dessert.

Kitchen Menu Card Template

kitchen menu card template

Fantastic Bar Menu Card Template

fantastic bar menu card template

Fabulous Menu Card PSD Template

fabulous menu card psd template

Dinner Menu Card Template

dinner menu card

Sample Bar Menu Card Template

bar menu card sample

Elegant Food Menu Card Template

elegant food menu1

Free Menu Card Template

free menu card

Free Printable Menu Card Template

free printable menu card

Awesome Menu Card Template

menu card template

Restaurant Menu Cards Design Template

menu cards design restaurant1

Menu Cards Design Template

menu cards design

Restaurant Menu Card Template

restaurant menu card template

Sample Menu Card Template

sample menu card

Simple Menu Card Template

simple menu card

Attractive Menu Card Template

attractive menu card template

A4 Sample Menu Card Template

a4 sample menu card template

Multi-cuisine Restaurant  Menu Card

multicuisine restaurant menu card

Sample Wedding Menu Card Template

sample wedding menu card template

These designs are gorgeous and can be used in various different ways, including for restaurants, weddings and other celebrations Cafe Templates. Make sure to choose the one that works the best for you and your needs.

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