A lot of people want to open and establish a business. However, many also fail due to not addressing an issue that the market needs or not introducing a profitable product. So, what should be the action to consider if it seems like every product that comes into mind is already in stores? Well, how about instead of making and manufacturing a product, you distribute one? And that makes you a distributor who will promote the products to the target market. But, before you head out to find your first client, you should have a distributor agreement letter beforehand. What is it? Then, read on to know more about its importance for your business’s success!

Distributor Agreement Letters: Background and Importance

A simple handshake is not enough when it comes to establishing a business agreement. Every statement and action should be in writing to ensure that there would proof of the agreed terms and conditions. And specifically, for distribution business companies, the best document to use is a distribution agreement letter. It will discuss the intent of each party to be business partners, the terms of their agreement, and the payment details.

Some of the pieces of information to include in the letter would be the business description, agreement details, and the names of the involved parties. However, even if it already states an overview of the agreement, both parties must still communicate and arrive at a final negotiation before signing the actual business contract.

The Role of Distributors

Distributors play a massive role in the industry of commerce and e-commerce. Without the right distributor, stores will run out of supplies, and the introduction of new products will be impossible.

Back in time, goods get transported using trains and through direct selling from people who bring them from faraway lands. Wholesale distribution made history as local merchants patronized unique goods they can buy and sell. And today, the industry of goods distribution grew even more as new products are born, and companies expanded.

Tips in Writing Distributor Agreement Letters

Owning a business is one of the great American dreams. But, since almost everything already has its own business counterpart launched by various companies, new ideas become sparse. Luckily, product makers still need outlets or partners who will distribute their products. Therefore, distributing companies become high-demand. So, if you’re about to start one, or planning to grow your already established distribution company, you should have a basic knowledge of making business letters and agreements. One of which is a distributor agreement letter that you can create with ease as you keep the following tips in mind:

Tip #1: Keep in mind the reason for making the letter.

You are going to be making a letter that speaks about business, so you should be clear with your intent. And how can you do that? By reminding yourself of the reason why you are making and will be sending the letter to your recipient. With that, you can focus on the subjects that you will discuss.

Tip #2: Use easy-to-understand words.

At all times, you should avoid using jargon terms unless it’s necessary for a statement in your letter. But, you should explain each jargon if you’ll be using any, as well.

Tip #3: Have a well-organized arrangement of your paragraphs.

You don’t want your reader to gain only confusion as he goes through your letter, right? So, it’s best that you connect one paragraph to the next, or yet use connectors.

And lastly, you should address all the concerns and issues which may arise about the subject of your letter. This way, you will be able to present answers to the possible questions and problems that your reader may have in mind, such as the distribution schedules and the agreement inclusions.


3+ Distribution Agreement Letter Samples in PDF | DOC

Want to know how many documents and types of paperwork that distribution companies handle per day? Well, it’s uncountable, for there are tons of transactions to keep up and manage a company. That’s why, rather than creating your distributor agreement letter from scratch, just use our sample form templates below instead:

1. Distribution Agreement Letter Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 62.6 KB


2. Distribution Agreement Letter Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 130.8 KB


3. Distribution Agreement Letter Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 48.1 KB


4. Distribution Agreement Letter in DOC

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 763.3 KB


Why Use Our Distributor Agreement Letter Templates

Ferguson Enterprises, Amazon Business, and Arrow Electronics are some of the companies that ranked top in the distribution industry, according to MDM’s 2019 Top Distributors List. Each of them served in varying sectors of the industry, yet they were able to be the most trusted and biggest names that clients choose. But how did they do that? Well, by providing and maintaining quality service as well as valuing the aspect of communicating with clients. And that’s when distributor agreement letters come in, be it you have a company that’s atop the list or just newly established.

If you worry that our templates are hard to navigate and use, then you can breathe easy now. Why? Because of the following benefits that you can get when you use our distributor agreement letter templates:

1. Lightweight and User-friendly

When you’ve been in the industry for many years, the downloaded items in your company devices may have already consumed your storage space. Luckily, that’s not a problem that you’ll be facing when you use our templates, for we made it lightweight in terms of its file size. Not only that, we even made all our templates user-friendly! Now that’s a tool that you can use, even if you’re a beginner in the area of making business agreements.

2. Customizable and editable

Everything, from top to bottom of our template, is editable and entirely customizable! You can change the fonts if you prefer, or maybe add some margins and colors to suit the branding presets of your company. Simply use a word-processing program, then you’re off to editing the template that you have chosen!

3. Compatible and printer-ready

Don’t worry if you’re distribution company still doesn’t have computers for your editing needs. You simply use a smartphone, tablet, or any electronic device, for we made our templates to be compatible with it. It’s also printable with all sorts of printers too!

What else are you looking for? Our templates have all that you need to make an efficient business agreement with your distribution client. Just choose, download, extract, edit, then you’re done! And also, you should value every word and statement that you place in your agreement, especially since it can make or break the contract and transaction you’ll be having.

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