A collective bargaining agreement, also called a collective agreement, is a very special kind of commercial agreement. It is negotiated ‘collectively’ between the trade unions, acting on behalf of the employees, and the management, acting on behalf the company. Among the things that the collective bargaining agreement regulates are the duties of the employer and the employees both, and the terms and conditions both parties must adhere to. Usually, the CBA is updated on a yearly basis.

Elements of a Collective Bargaining Agreement

As these templates or samples for a collective bargaining agreement should show you, a CBA will always contain the following.

  • The conditions of employment, including but not limited to working hours, working conditions, benefits, vacations and holidays, wages and overtime payments.
  • Procedures which are to be undertaken in order to resolve disputes and conflicts and quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Legal rights of both the parties involved.

Benefits of an Effective Collective Bargaining Agreement

A collective Bargaining Letter of  Agreement Template is completely indispensible in today’s world, so it’s definitely a good idea to consult these examples to serve as a guideline for you. The CBA is just as important to the management as it is to the union, and addresses the needs of both.

  • The employers and the union negotiate and cooperate in good faith in order to reach the agreement, which is mutually beneficial, thus breeding a sense of goodwill.
  • The rights and responsibility of both parties are set out and therefore the interests of both can be protected.
  • The process leads to better working conditions and more efficient performance.

These examples may be useful for you if you need to know how a CBA should be set out. For both parties involved, the collective bargaining agreement is a step forward, leading to a smoother performance, better working conditions, and a better relationship between the employees and the management.

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Form


Collective Bargaining Agreement Format


Collective Bargaining Agreement Union


Example of Collective Agreement


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