The economy has been pretty tight lately, which makes landing great jobs harder than it should be. Being able to properly sell yourself to your targeted company is deemed to be highly important since there are a lot of competition in the job market nowadays.

The economy has been pretty tight lately, which makes landing great jobs harder than it should be. Being able to properly sell yourself to your targeted company is deemed to be highly important since there are a lot of competition in the job market nowadays.

Even the smallest of things make a huge difference, which is the reason why your job application cover letters matter a lot. You want to make sure that your cover letters end up getting read. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the rest of the applicants whereas a poorly written one can give the impression of laziness and being uncreative, which is someone that hiring managers want to avoid in the workplace. You might also want to avoid repeating what has already been stated in your resume as this is not the purpose of your cover letter.

In this article, we will give you six tips that will help you out in creating a cover letter that will win the heart of the hiring officer. Stay tuned and get to know what these tips are.

Sample Cover Letter Format

This cover letter format is one of the most generic formats a cover letter could have. This is best used by job seekers who are changing careers and are applying for entry-level job positions.

Writing a Cover Letter

Having a good cover letter is considered to be one of your shots to getting a good job. There are a number of tips all over the Internet that wants to help out people like you write a cover letter in the most effective manner. Whether the company is using an automated software or a person is manually reading your cover letter, you want to make sure that the skills and qualifications you present in your letter are an accurate match with what the company is looking for.

To make it easy for you to come up with a good cover letter, we have come up with six tips you can follow in order to create an attention-grabbing cover letter.

1. Stop regurgitating your resume/CV.

A lot of job seekers make the mistake of making their cover letters a paragraph version of their resumes/CVs. You should remember that your cover letter is not meant to parrot what you have stated in your resume/CV. It should show the company why you consider yourself as a good match for the vacant job position in just a few paragraphs. Other things that your resume should reflect is your personality and interest in the field you are applying for by sprinkling a few cool words into it.

2. Constantly promote yourself.

Incorporate samples and stories in your cover letter. You are more likely to be picked for the position you are applying for if you give them proof of your qualifications. It is also a good idea to emphasize what you can offer the company instead of stating how you can benefit from them being your employer. Showing off is not a bad thing either when it comes to applying for jobs as this gives an impression that you are confident enough. State a few skills and experiences that may not be part of what they are looking for but you consider helpful with the position you are applying for.

3. Express interest regarding becoming a regular in the position applied for.

Employers appreciate employees and job applicants who are willing to stay long-term in a company. You can do so by presenting to the employer that you are going to be a valuable employee.

4. Ensure proper formatting is followed.

How to format your cover letter all depends on the position you are applying for. Commonly, you will be advised to split your cover letter’s body into three. This is typically great for entry-level positions and for job seekers in the midst of a career change. Flexibility when it comes to the format is advised; however, it is important to remember that a business letter format should be followed. It’s a good thing that there are a lot of sample business letter layouts that can be found on this website for your reference.

5. Review examples and templates. 

It can be extremely hard to start writing a cover letter, especially if it is your first time to do so. It would be a great idea to take your time in checking out the best cover letter examples and picking out ones that you to can use as a reference for your own letters. Reviewing some examples can give you great ideas on how you should layout the content of your cover letter.

6. Close strong.

Keep your closing brief and concise by stating how you can be a good addition to the company and that you are looking forward to meeting with them to further explain yourself and to answer additional queries should they have any. Let the employer know what is the best way to reach you and express your wholehearted gratitude for going through your application.


Once you have followed all of these tips, remember to go through the job posting and check out if there are any guidelines mentioned such as the method of sending the application and if there is a recommended format to be followed. Also, check your letters for errors in terms of grammar and spelling.

Business Letter Format Example

Business Letter Format Example

This business letter example will give you a good glimpse of its format, which is what a cover letter follows.

Job Application Cover Letter Template Word

job application letter2

This template is one good example of a cover letter that can be used as a reference for writing your very own cover letter.

Cover Letter for Career Change

This is one good example of a sample career change cover letters, which is great for people who are shifting careers.

We are hoping that with the help of the samples and the six tips we have given, you will have a better idea on how you should draft your cover letters and present your best self to the employer. By following these tips, your phone should be ringing endlessly for interview invites. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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