When you plan a get together with your friends or family, you need some free party invitation templates. There are plenty of options that you can choose from for occasions including birthdays, beach invites, graduation, BBQ etc. You can explore from the gorgeous designs for sending an invite depending on the occasion or event.

Birthday Party Invitation Flyer Template

Perfect to suit the choice of youngsters planning to have a fully fun loaded birthday bash, this party invitation flyer template with a sexy dressed lady on the front is interesting. It has all of the pertinent information sections that are required, including the date, time, location, and dress code.

Tea Party Invitation Template

If you wish to invite some friends over for tea and enjoy a carefree evening, you can use this option. It is simple, yet classy and elegant. The tea party invitation template has a background that is white and some purple images. Let your friends’ gang know what the celebration is for and mention all other important details in this wholesome template.

Beach Party Invite Template

This is yet another great free party invitation template. Ask your people to join you in the beach celebration, be it for your birthday or wedding. You can print it off and fill out all of the required information. Simple yet beautiful with a beach theme, this template is perfect to woo your friends and family for the beach party.

Graduation Party Invitation Template


For the time when someone in the family is graduating, you will need to send out some cards to inform them of when the celebration is taking place. This is something that you can easily download and print once you fill in all of the information online.

Birthday Invitation Template

Best suited for Kids birthday, this invitation flyer template with a background of balloon has everything inspired for a party theme. The design indicated a birthday celebration and has the required sections where you can mention the details of the party venue, the date, time etc.

BBQ Party Invitation Template

BBQ’s are a summer event and this is a great design that you can use to call your friends over to celebrate an important event or just for fun. It is simple, yet classic and it gives all of the pertinent details, including the RSVP information and when it will be held.

Printable Party Invitation Template

This is another great option for free party invitation templates that you can use for almost any purpose. The design is simple and there are 3 color options that you can choose from with cupcakes on the background and spaces for the details.

Printable Party Invitation

This design is perfect for those who want a bit more design on it and it shows the signs from Las Vegas. This is ideal if you are planning a get together that is related to any activities in Sin City or to be held in the city itself.

Printable Party Invitations Template

Printable party invitation flyer templates let you simply create a party invitation online and print it out. This is a simple turquoise background with a cake and a drink on it and has space provided where you can include all the details letting the attendees know about your party.

Graduation Party Invitation Template

Every time that you ask friends to join you for a celebration, you wish to let them visualize and think of the gala times that you can have together. This one is perfect for someone who is graduating, regardless of whether it is from high school or even from college. It portrays friends having fun while hanging out.

Printable Birthday Invitation Template

Printable Birthday Invitation Cup Cake Template

Party Invitation Template

Summer Party Invitation Template

No matter what kind of celebration you are planning, you need to create some creative and stylish invitations. Here are plenty that you can choose from, for all of your needs.

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