Just like any other language, the sign language has an alphabet chart to help with learning. It is sometimes called a finger spelling alphabet chart since the language is spoken with fingers mostly. This International Phonetic Alphabet Chart contains the alphabet A to Z and numbers 1 to 10 to aid in learning the sign language. Anyone interested in learning or improving their skills in sign language can download this chart from our site. It is available in formats like Word, PSD, PDF and Excel. You can also print this free chart and stick it to your study wall for quick learning or learn at your own pace.

School Sign Language Alphabet Chart


The school sign language chart template provides you with the sign language chart. This sign language chart is very basic and therefore, avoids creating any confusion in the mind of learner. It depicts the signs created by fingers along while which alphabet or number it stands for.

Sign Language Alphabet Chart Printable


The sign language alphabet chart printable template showcases a sign language alphabet chart which is ready to use. This chart can be printed straight away after downloading. You can paste this chart on wall or anywhere you want to make your learning faster by looking at daily.

Sign Language Alphabet Chart Free


The sign language alphabet chart free template features the chart which has the letter written in it in front of the pictures that it depicts. Also, the description of each picture is provided i.e. it describes how to form the signs with your fingers.

Basic Sign Language Alphabet Chart


The basic sign language alphabet chart template features a colorful picture chart of alphabets and things whose names starts with those alphabets along with the sign that depicts the alphabet. This chart reinforces learning as it proves to a visual teaching aid for the learner.

Simple Sign Language Alphabet Chart


Sign Language Alphabet Chart Sample


American Sign Language Alphabet Chart


Example of Sign Language Alphabet Chart


Sign Language Alphabet , Number Chart


Sign Language Alphabet Chart DOC


Why is the Sign Language Alphabet Chart Template Needed?

The sign language alphabet chart template is needed for providing you with well-framed charts which depict the sign language alphabets clearly so that you may learn quickly, properly and effectively. All these templates either have figures or pictures depicting the sign which is needed to be made for representing various alphabets. Also, some have description provided on it that how to make all the signs. These templates make it so much easier for you to learn the sign language with ease. These templates can also be needed by teachers who want to teach their students this language of signs.You can also see Sample Sanskrit Alphabet Charts.

When is the Sign Language Alphabet Chart Template Needed?

The sign language alphabet chart is needed when you or someone around you needs to learn the sign language. This language is specially developed for people who are deaf and mute i.e. can’t listen and speak by birth. Communication is one of the most important things for living in the world as it is essential to let out your feelings or share your thoughts with someone to feel relieved or even normal. So, this language is developed for such people who are not able to speak and listen so as to provide them with a way of communicating with each other and with everyone else by using these signs.

Benefits of the Sign Language Alphabet Chart Template

There are several benefits of downloading the sign language alphabet chart template. It enforces the learning of sign language as it provides pictures or description of signs in the chart which makes it easy for learners to learn the language. These templates are ready to use as well as printable templates and therefore, it saves your time and efforts as you can simply download them with a single click and use. Being printable, they also prove to be a visual aid to learners and faster the learning process as things we see daily are more likely to stay in our mind. These charts not only depict signs for alphabets but also for numbers making it a complete learning process.

The sign language alphabet chart template is easily available on the internet. These templates are extremely easy to use as well, you just need to download and print them for using. These charts are really helpful in making someone learn the sign language and therefore, you must download these templates to boost your learning of sign language.You can also see Sample Thai Alphabet Charts.

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