An alphabet that has an assigned name to each of the letters can be learned from a well documented phonetic alphabet ABC Chart Template. The system is immensely used in military, police and many other emergency services. For example, to say “with” while using these Chart Templates one would say “Whiskey-India-Tango-Hotel”.

Using this phonetic alphabet is very useful for computer support and on a phone call where one needs to spell out what is being said properly or needs to be typed after listening over telephone. NATO phonetic alphabet is quite commonly used all over the world as a phonetic guidance for English alphabets.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Chart

nato phonetic alphabet chart

This is an alphabetical chart that contains all the alphabets of English language, and an assigned word to each alphabet. Army and military personnel frequently use this chart for talking or writing in code words, so that others cannot understand what they are saying.

Phonetic Alphabets Reference Chart

phonetic alphabets reference chart

This is more of an educational kind of phonetic alphabets chart. It has different tables for vowels and consonants, with IPA and ASCII for each phonetic sound, along with a couple of example words for each. With this reference chart, you can better know how to pronounce alphabets in different settings.

English Phonetic Alphabet Chart

english phonetic alphabet chart

This is a phonetic alphabet chart with which you can denote each alphabet’s pronunciation with the help of signs and symbols. It mentions the tones and word accents, along with the level tones and contour tones for each. This chart is extremely helpful in understanding phonetic structure of different consonants and vowels.


Sample Phonetic Chart

sample phonetic chart

This is another phonetic chart with English language alphabets, and a word assigned to each alphabet. The assigned word is used in place of each alphabet. The sentence that you speak with the use of these words cannot be understood by anyone else, other than those who remember this phonetic chart.

International Phonetic Alphabet Symbols Chart

international phonetic alphabet symbols chart


Military Phonetic Alphabet Chart

military phonetic alphabet chart

International Phonetic Alphabet Chart

international phonetic alphabet chart

Why Do You Need a Sample Phonetic Alphabet Chart Template?

A phonetic alphabet chart template can be interesting learning equipment for those who want to learn or teach English in spoken form. If you frequently need to check pronunciations of words in a dictionary, then you can maintain a phonetic alphabet chart to make things easier and faster for you.

A phonetic alphabet chart template can be an effective tool that can help you learn sounds of the English language. With a phonetic alphabet chart, you can also do a quiz to check how well you know and where you need to improve. You may like Phonics Alphabet Charts.

When Do You Need a Sample Phonetic Alphabet Chart Template?

A phonetic alphabet chart template can be an excellent tool for you if you want to practice speaking English language fluently. With one of these phonetic chart templates, you can learn primary level English language from class 1 to 12. English language learners can greatly benefit from these phonetic alphabet chart templates.

These templates also come of great use for transcribers and other such professionals. So, when you want a written form of spoken English language, choose an appropriate phonetic alphabet chart template and download.

Benefits of a Sample Phonetic Alphabet Chart Template

All these phonetic alphabet chart templates have been designed by experienced professionals and experts. They are extremely useful in helping people understand phonetic sounds and their signs and symbols, along with their associated vowels and consonants.

They are easy to download and use, and are available for free. They save your time by making all the phonetics available at one place.

The phonetic alphabet charts are extremely helpful tools to understand vowels, consonants and their pronunciations. With the help of signs and symbols, you get a chance to learn and speak English language more fluently and with expertise.

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