The English alphabet may consist of 26 letters however it has 44 speech sounds known as phonemes. This is basically breaking a word down to its smallest unit of sound, an example is the word blue with three phonemes b/l/ue. Two words can sound the same at the end but spelt differently hence the phonics alphabet chart, boo is one such word.  We have the best and easy to use These Chart Templates to help with learning the English language.

One problem with this language is that there usually several ways to write each word. With this International Phonetic Alphabet Chart , you will overcome this challenge with ease. Just get the chart in PDF or Word from our site.

Basic Phonics Alphabet Chart

This is a basic code phonics alphabet chart that has separate tables for vowels and consonants. It has a list of sounds, along with their associated keywords and letters. You can use this chart to find out the signs and symbols of different sounds, and use them to become a phonic expert.

Phonics Alphabet Chart Free

This is a military phonetic alphabet chart that is most commonly used by military personnel to communicate in code words. It contains all the English language alphabets, with a word associated with each. You have to learn each word to fluently communicate in military language.

Phonics Alphabet Chart Printable

There are 5 short vowel sounds, 18 consonant sounds and 8 digraphs in English language. This phonics alphabet chart enlists them and gives an example word with each. This printable chart allows you to learn sounds and identify pronunciations in the language.

Simple Phonics Alphabet Chart

This is a phonics alphabet chart that enlists groups of consonants in English language, diphthongs and triphthongs, and diagrafias. With the help of word examples, this chart template helps in understanding correct pronunciations of different word formations.

Phonics Alphabet Chart Pdf

Phonics Alphabet Chart

Phonics Alphabet Chart Sample

Why Do You Need a Phonics Alphabet Chart Template?

These phonic alphabet charts can be very important tools for the development of literacy among kids as well as adults. These are complete charts that help you recognize which letter combinations have to go with which sounds. Almost everyone should definitely have a copy of one of these charts.

Although there are 26 alphabets in English language, there are 44 sounds, known as phonemes, in the speech sounds. These phonemes are derived by breaking down smallest units of audible sounds. If you want to understand these, you need to have one of these phonics alphabet chart templates with you. You may like Spanish Alphabet Charts.

When Do You Need a Phonics Alphabet Chart Template?

You must be aware of the fact that there are different ways with which you can write every sound. With the help of these phonics alphabet chart templates, you will come to know that there is no sound that you can match up with letters. You can use these templates if you want to give a foundation to your spellings with sound.

After using these templates, you will realize that language is nothing but sound that you can represent with letters and their combinations. So, you can use these templates when you want to give a visible structure to the sounds you utter with your mouth.

Benefits of a Phonics Alphabet Chart Template

All the phonics alphabet chart templates available here are ready to download and use, but you may also customize them as per your requirements and preferences. They are handy to use.

You can print the one of your choice, and keep it with you all the times for reference. If you are new to English language, and are having problem with pronunciations, then these templates will come to your great help for sure.

Phonics is the way of writing any audible sound, especially in the English language. It helps in improving spellings and pronunciations.

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