The size chart is similar to clarity Peak Flow Chart which defines how clean and right size of diamond is. the size also determines the price in which the diamond is sold. As the size of the carat increases, the price also increases. Larger the diamond, the more increasingly rare it is. If the carat weight is 1.00 then the size would be 6.50 in diameter and 33.2 in crown.

With having the chart, you can know the exact size the diamond should be of. The diamond size chart gives the perfect information in terms of light, weight and crown. If you are a diamond cutter or want to know more about the size before buying it, then check out the size chart online.

Exact Diamond Size Chart

exact diamond size chart

Exact Diamond Size charts template can be used for reference by merchants, buyers and experts while picking up a perfect diamond for them. The chart depicts diamonds of various sizes like hexagon, pentagon, tear drop, sphere amongst many others. The template can be downloaded for free.

Diamond Carat Size Chart

diamond carat size chart

A diamond carat size chart template is a very useful template for both amateurs as well as experts. The chart is depicted in spreadsheet format. Various carat sizes are depicted in the template from diameter 3.5 mm to 11 mm, and various diamond shapes like round, marquise, princess, etc are also depicted. The template is available in formats like Word, PDF, etc.

Princess Cuts Diamond Size Chart

princess cuts diamond size chart

The Princess cuts diamond size chart templates are informative tracts which provide all the details related with princess cut diamonds in its various sizes. The chart has information of princess cut diamonds in varied sizes ranging from 1.5 mm to 5mm. The templates are available online for free download.

Diamond Size and Carat Chart

diamond size and carat chart

These diamond size and carat chart templates are useful templates depicted in tabular formats. Various diamond sizes like round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, etc are displayed in this template. The free template is available in various formats like PDF, Word, etc.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Sizes Chart

round brilliant cut diamond sizes chart

Diamond Size and Weight Chart

diamond size and weight chart

Why do You Need Diamond Size Chart Templates?

The larger the size of the diamond, the better the price of this diamond will be. That is the reason why sample diamond size chart templates are vividly use by diamond consumers around the globe. These charts are available for ready reference to determine the price of these diamonds according to carats. You can also see Chemistry Chart

They not only present the descriptions related to various diamonds’ diameter but also its weight. And as we all know, carats of the diamonds is directly proportional to its price. The diamond dealer, merchant, broker and customer can keep a printed copy of diamond size template with them for ready perusal.

When do You Need Diamond Size Chart Templates?

Various diamond consumers need diamond size charts time to time. These templates are useful when the person is in process of dealing with diamonds. So to determine the quality, value and market standing of diamonds, templates like these are available online for free. One can keep printed copies of these templates to avoid undue delays and hitherto confusions.

Benefits of Diamond Size Chart Templates

Diamond size chart templates have multiple benefits. Since these templates are comprehensive they are listed with all necessary information. One can pick the template which has specific information related to the type of diamond one prefers. For instance if one likes princess shaped diamond, one can download the template which has specific information related to princess’ diameter, height and its weight. You can also see Process Chart 

Different templates have different information but diamond various sizes are present in each of them. Also the information mentioned in templates can always be utilized in future.

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