For many years now people suffering from asthma and other breathing problems have been measuring their peak flow rate with the help of peak flow meters tin order to analyze how good or bad their condition is. The recordings of these rates over a period of time help doctors study and diagnose their condition. Use these peak flow charts to keep a detailed record of your lung’s capacity while using the neat layout and statistics placement to make ensure maximum clarity. You can customize the colors and Sample Chart Templates styles as per your convenience. Check the samples out here and download here for free.

Asthma Peak Flow Chart Template

Blank Peak Flow Chart Template

blank peak flow chart printable

This blank peak flow chart printable, as the name suggests, is a blank template for flowcharts, showing the peak hours of the day. It contains slots for the dates, medication usage, timings- am and pm, and also has a color bar alongside wherein the tint turns from red to green, from 100 to 700, showing the peak in activity levels.

Basic Peak Flow Chart Template

peak flow chart to print

This peak flow chart to print, as the name suggests, is a peak flow chart template that is ready to be printed. It includes patient’s age, height, predicted normal PEFR, before and after, date and time slots for monitoring frequency, and a table for measuring the peak expiratory flow rate in liters per minute which ranges from 100 to 650.

Sample Peak Flow Chart Template

sample peak flow chart template1

This sample peak flow chart template, as the name suggests, is a flow chart template showing the peak activity levels of a patient. The template includes a number of slots, which are, name, best peak flow number, green zone, yellow zone, red zone, controller medicine, dose, fast acting medicine, dose, peak flow measurements over a 10 days period, ranging from 50 to 700. Apart from these, it also includes, peak flow number, asthma symptoms, trigger, fast acting medicine used.

Printable Peak Flow Chart Template

weekly peak flow chart template

This free peak flow chart printable, as the name suggests, is a printable peak flow chart that is available for free. It has a start date, a date of exposure and a finishing date. It covers the peak levels of activity over 4 days divided into 4 different time periods which are 8:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 22:00. It measures the level of activity, ranging from 140 to 600.

Peak Flow Log Chart Template

peak flow log chart

Asthma Record Chart Template

asthma record chart

Peak Flow Chart Pediatric Template

peak flow chart pediatric

What Are Peak Flow Chart Templates?

A flowchart can be defined as a type of a diagram that represents a process, sample workflow or algorithm which shows the steps in box shaped structures of various kinds which are connected by arrows. It is a diagrammatic representation which illustrates solution models for specific problems. A peak flowchart template is a flowchart template that shows the peak activity levels over a specified period.

What Are The Different Types Of Peak Flow Chart Templates?

Flowcharts are used in managing, documenting, designing and analyzing a sample program or process in various fields. So there are many types of flowchart pertaining to the various usages of flowchart templates. These are as follows-

  • Document peak flowcharts.
  • Data peak flowchart. System peak flowcharts.
  • Program peak flowcharts.

It is to be noted all of these templates focuses on control and not the flow itself.

Although preparing peak flowchart templates is very easy to do, but some might find it very daunting, so we have brought for them especially a set of peak flowchart templates. All you have to do is download any of these, and you’ll be all set to go.

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