In Morse code, information is transmitted by a series of dots and dashes which can be understood without using any special equipment. The person listening to the transmission should, however, be versed with the pattern used. Morse code and Conduit Fill Charts can be used in conjugation with classified forms such as authorization letter.

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  1. Each English alphabet is transmitted in a specific pattern.
  2. Number from zero to nine can also be transmitted in specific patterns of dots and dashes.
  3. Morse code chart enables to tabulate the message that is being received or the one that is to be transmitted.

Morse Code Speed and User Proficiency

Morse code chart templates improve the speed at which message can be transmitted and in turn make the person using the machine proficient.

  1. The speed of Morse code is measured in characters per minute or words per minute.
  2. Each character has different length, consequently lengths of words also differ, even if the number of characters are same.
  3. Morse code chart templates are available hereaccording to American, Continental and International patterns.

160 Year Old Electrical Coding System

Titanic sent out distress signal SOS through Morse code when it was about to disappear in ocean.

  1. Morse code is still being used today by ships, air traffic controllers and amateur radio enthusiast.
  2. Morse code chart templates can be downloaded for free and printed for reference. The sample template provides a good example on how these charts can be utilized.
  3. Morse code chart templates can also be used to transmit message contained in warning letter.

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