A Severance Agreements is used for termination of the job of an employee. An employee leaves on the basis of the terms mentioned in this agreement. It facilitates amicable job termination and also states the dues, bonuses or benefits to be paid to the employee at the time of leaving the job.  It also protects the employer’s interests as the employee cannot take any uncalled action after signing the agreement for example suing the company for inadequate compensation, etc.

Severance Agreement Template

severance agreement template

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Being the final letter from the employer to the employee, the format of a typical severance agreement should include fields like final payment, claims, waiver, release, etc. Due to its legal significance, an apt sample should be used as an agreement. Our severance agreement templates make your work easier and they can be downloaded for free.

Sample Severance Agreement

sample severance agreement


The sample severance agreement template is between an employee and an employer agreeing to terminate an already existent employment arrangement. This template sets forth the effective termination date, any severance payment that the employee will get and any benefits that will be continued for the employee.

Standard Severance Agreement

standard severance agreement


Companies that do not ask their employees to sign severance agreements actually expose themselves to different risky situations. Companies can effectively use the standard severance agreement template for giving employees the parting treatment that they deserve while safeguarding their own interests.

Severance Agreement PDF

severance agreement pdf


Severance Agreement PDF template is signed between the employer and the employee for protecting the confidential information that a parting employee has with him or her. This agreement carries the signature of the employee and the employer as well.

Severance Agreement Example

simple severance agreement


The severance agreement example template can be of good use for people who are looking forward to avoiding wrongful termination claims. Wrongfully terminated employees can use this template and even customize it as per their requirements for getting the best results.

Severance Agreement Sample

severance agreement sample


Severance Agreement Form

severance agreement form


Executive Severance Agreement

executive severance agreement


Why Do Companies Need Severance Agreement Templates?

Companies need severance agreement templates for providing the advantages that they will offer to an employee in circumstances when the employee separates himself or herself from the company. This severance benefit might depend on whether the employee resigned for some good reason or without any good reason or whether he or she was terminated for a cause or without any cause.

Employers make use of the severance agreement template for providing additional benefits to the employees. These Standard Confidentiality Agreements are easily downloadable and printable to be used as per the requirements of a company.

When Do Companies Need Severance Agreement Templates?

Companies or employers need the Severance Agreement Templates when they have to create a permanent and clean break with an outgoing employee. This will also include employees who voluntarily resign and the ones who are terminated involuntarily. These templates are needed for creating agreements with the employees and like all other agreements, by signing this document, both the employee and the employer show their interest in being bound by the terms of the contract.

Therefore, it can be said that severance agreement templates help the employers in coming up with more direct and clearer terms that make it easier to enforce in court of law in times when disputes take place.

What Are the Benefits of Severance Agreement Templates?

Severance agreement templates make it easier for the employers to provide the severance agreement to the employees on time. These templates help in offering assurance that the employees with not sue for wrongful termination and that they will not be working for another organization.

These templates also help in making advantageous provisions for the employees so that they receive a severance payment along with some benefits.

A severance agreement template comes in as one of the handiest tools for both the employer and the employees documenting the obligations and the rights of both the parties. This gives employees the back up of being ready with a job in some other company in case they need to face wrongful termination.

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