An executive agreement between the parties is important to both as it outlines the terms of the professional relationship between them. Downloading these detailed and thorough templates in commonly used programs like Master Service Agreement Templates and Word for the same can help you devise a comprehensive agreement while saving on valuable time.

Executive Protection Agreement Change in Control Template

executive protection agreement change in control template

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 Executive Employment Agreement Template

executive employment agreement

Executive Agreement Example

recent executive employment agreement1

Executive Agreement Ap Gov Template

ap executive agreement templates

Executive  Director Agreement

employment agreement for

Executive Agreement vs Treaty

executive agreement vs treaty

Executive Producer  Agreement

producers agreements

Executive Coaching Agreement Template

coaching contract

Executive Contract Template

ceo agreement

Executive Agreement Free Download

executive agreement free download

Executive Agreement to Print

executive agreement to print

An executive agreement between two or more parties outlines the terms of the professional relationship between them and must be precise about the details that govern this relationship such as the incentives, goals, benefits, termination clauses and restrictive laws related to such agreement and rights and responsibilities of each party involved in it.

Have a Detailed Idea of Executive Responsibilities in Your Agreement Sample

  • The agreement must cover the employer’s expectations of its executive employees, outlining future goals and incentives. These templates allow you to detail the responsibilities of the executive to fulfill these goals.
  • These free samples can be used to mention the restrictive laws that are the responsibility of the executive to keep in mind while functioning under a certain enterprise. For example, there are some Business Templates scenarios where copyright infringement may be a serious issue to avoid.
  • The compensation or reimbursement on the part of the employer for the services of the executive in the form of salary, benefits, equity incentives and bonuses can be easily put in these agreements.

State the Rights of Each Party in the Executive Agreement Sample Clearly

  • Termination clauses can be clearly stated using these free sample agreements. Some companies reserve the right to fire at will. Others have a ‘good cause’ clause for termination. In either case, benefits and prior notice for termination or resignation are to be mentioned in the agreement.
  • Intellectual property rights may be of significance in certain situations. In this case samples of agreements that mention copyright guidelines can be used.
  • The legal bindings that indemnify or empower either party from and against dishonesty of either party involved can be found clearly stated in the samples.

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