Master Service Agreement Templates

Is there a particular firm that your own firm has a lot of transactions with? To make things a little less time-consuming, you can draw up a master service agreement.  These master service Contract Agreement Templates are available in both Word and Excel formats – some of them are paid premium ones, while some are free. Simply download them, print them out and fill in the blank spaces for a speedy process.

Master Professional Services Agreement Template

master professional services agreement template

Service Level Agreement Template

simple service level agreement template1

Child Care Service Agreement Word Template

child care service agreement word template

Outsourcing Services Agreement Template

outsourcing services agreement template

Marketing Services Agreement Template

marketing services agreement template

Master Service Agreement Form

master service agreement form

Example Master Service Agreement

example master service agreement

Master  Service Agreement vs Statement of Work

master service agreement vs statement of work

Statement of Work Template

statement of work template

Master Service Agreement Oil and Gas

master service agreement oil and gas

 Master Service Agreement Template Consulting

master service agreement template consulting

Master Service Agreement Free Download

master service agreement free download

Master Service Agreement to Print

master service agreement to print

Master Service Agreement to Download

master service agreement to download

Customer Master Service Agreement

customer master service agreement

Consulting Master Services Agreement

consulting master services agreement

Master service agreements provide a blanket contract for a number of business transactions, which not only saves time but also reduces the hassle of repetitive negotiations. The more specific details like location of work, schedule of delivery and period of performance are taken care of in the individual Statements of Work.

Use these templates for quick paperwork

  • The master service agreements are used when the parties involved see eye-to-eye regarding most of the business terms and want to skip on negotiations of the same nature every time.
  • What this agreement basically does is that it sets down basic terms for most of the Sample business Templates deals between the two parties concerned, but not for all of them.
  • For example, some of the terms ironed out in master service agreements are ownership of intellectual property, resolution of disputes, payment and delivery terms, warranties of products, indemnification, etc.

Mark the beginning of a mutually beneficially business relationship

  • These sample templates can be easily modified according to your needs.
  • Once an master service agreement is in place, all you have to do for the subsequent business transactions is add a Statement of Work – it will work as a rider to the agreement, detailing the specifics of the project under consideration.
  • These agreements are mostly used by companies dealing with information technology, union negotiations or researches conducted on contract-basis.

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