Lesson plans are usually written by teachers to plan for the lessons that they are going to teach their students for the next day. Unlike a business plan that focuses on a business’s strategies, goals, and objectives, a lesson plan focuses on the students to learn and understand the lessons given to them, that they can apply in real life.

A lesson plan is where teachers create and write down their strategy on teaching their students, just like how a marketing strategy is created in a business plan. There are a lot of reasons why a lesson plan is important. And we will tell you about them in this article.

What Is a Lesson Plan?

In preparation for introducing a new lesson in a class, teachers carefully plan out the action they will be taking in order for the students to learn. That is why they use a lesson plan. It may be a daily lesson plan or a weekly lesson plan. A lesson plan is a detailed document where teachers write the goals and objectives that they want to achieve after every lesson they teach.

How Do You Write a Lesson Plan?

Once again a lesson plan is usually utilized by teachers, but if you are in need of one, you can use a plan template or just follow these steps to be able to write your own lesson plan.

  • Start with determining what lesson you are going to write a lesson plan for.
  • Enumerate your goals and break them down into smaller parts or objectives.
  • Describe the mode of instruction you are going to use and write the entire content of your lesson plan.
  • Check for spelling errors and grammar errors.

What Is the Purpose of the Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is primarily used to keep teachers organized by planning out the lessons that they will be teaching the students. Through this plan, the teachers are able to assess each student’s learning capabilities and learning style, which is essential so that they can plan their lessons appropriately and foster learning.

What to Consider When Writing a Lesson Plan

  • Prerequisites
  • Content
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Materials
  • Introduction
  • Outcomes


A lesson plan becomes effective and efficient when the things listed above are included in the planning and creation of the lessons that are intended to help the students learn. This can also be applied when writing high school lesson plans.

What Is an Objective in a Lesson Plan?

After you have determined the lesson you will be writing a lesson plan for, the next thing you usually do is enumerate your objectives. An objective is also called the goal of your lesson plan where you determine what your students will learn from the lesson itself and what specifically you want them to learn from it. When writing a lesson plan, your objectives should be clearly and concisely stated, just like what you see in sample plan templates. All of the objectives that you have written should all be attainable, that is why it is best to use the SMART acronym. It stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. Use printable lesson plans to make sure you don’t miss out on any details.

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