Schools, colleges, offices, companies, factories and everything else…A must is code of conduct!!! Use our code of conduct templates to chalk out the discipline in your institution. We have prepared the templates in word format and these are available absolutely free. After all, the reputation of your organization depends on how the world looks at it!!! We believe that ‘first impression is last impression’. We help you to impress the world by showing a disciplined work environment. Download our samples now, fill in the details and put in your company. You May also See Morse Code Alphabet Chart

Company Code of Conduct Example

This sample of company code of conduct example is a template which is meant for a business organization.  The template is pretty long and covers a wide range of topics including professionalism in the workplace, health and safety, product integrity, social media usage, business practices, vendor relationships, professionalism in workplace, product integrity, business practices, use of company resources and confidential information

Organizational Code of Conduct

This sample of organizational code of conduct is a sample which also lists down the code of conduct which a person should while working within the company. The various sections which is dealt with in regards to organizational code of conduct includes, general employee conduct, conflicts of interest, outside activities, employment, and directorships, relationships with clients and suppliers: organization funds and other assets and much more.

Sample Code of Conduct

This sample code of conduct template is a sample which aims to list down the code of conduct principals which should be followed in a professional setting. The various topics which are dealt with in details in this section includes prevention of bribery ordinance, acceptance of advantages, conflict of interest ,entertainment, misuse of official position, handling of classified or proprietary information and property of the organization

Employee Code of Conduct Example

This sample of employee code of conduct example is a simple template where the names and designations of the persons responsible for training the employees regarding the code of conduct rules. In the second section the sample explores the various sections related to scope of policy, objectives, period of operation, definitions, intent of policy and various subsections in the code of conduct regulations.

Code of Conduct Example for Business

Code of Conduct Example Format

What Is The Importance Of A Code Of Conduct Policy In A Company?

A code of conduct defines the behavior and expectations of both the owners as well as the staff of a company. Having a code of conduct guarantees that an employee has the legal right to protest against any kind of unethical behavior within the scope of his work. It also guarantees that a code of conduct policy would influence their performance and commitment to the entity’s system of control.

What Is The Process Of Implementing A Code Of Conduct Policy?

The very first step of writing a code of conduct policy is to compile ideas and to gather information about what point s the code should include. The second step includes creating the draft for listing down the various policies. The subsequent steps include reviewing the code and then formally adopting it by presenting to the organization’s board of directors. Once the code is introduced, care should be taken to ensure that the code is enforced. You May also See HTML Color Code Chart

What Are The Various Topics Which Are Dealt With The Code Of Conduct Policy?

There s a list of various topics which are addressed in code of conduct policies. The subjects varies from one company to the other, however some of the basic subjects which are dealt with includes, conflicts of interest, personal and professional integrity, harassment, fraud, customer relation, vendor relations, use of company property, expense reimbursement, discrimination and confidentiality.

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