Charts are tools that are used as a graphical representation of various information and data. Information is displayed through different shapes, lines, etc. A flowchart is one example of a chart that is used to show a particular workflow or process. Arrows and lines are used to show the process of a particular data.

Charts are essential tools especially if you want to show an overview of data, show a trend, or compare information. If you need to create a specific type of chart, there are various samples and templates available on this page. Organizational chart examples are also available.

How to Use 6 Basic Charts to Create Effective Reports

Here are the 6 basic charts that can be used to create an effective report:

  • Vertical Bar Charts – vertical bar charts are useful in comparing the percentage of various data. Data from a particular category is compared through the use of bars.
  • Horizontal Bar Charts – just like a vertical bar chart, a horizontal bar chart is also used to compare the percentage of data through the use of horizontal bars.
  • Pie Charts – a pie chart is a useful tool in displaying proportions of a whole.

How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Data

It is important to understand which type of chart to use if you want to effectively illustrate your data. Here’s how to choose the best chart:

  • The first step that you need to do when choosing the best chart to show your data is to analyze the information that you need to present or illustrate.
  • Based on the information above, choose from the charts that are available and identify which one is the best fit for the data that you have.
  • Outline and format your chart. You can also download the chart samples and behavior chart that are available on this page.

When Should You Use the Different Types of Charts?

Many different types of charts can be used depending on how you want to display information. It is important to understand how each chart works to ensure that you choose the best chart when creating one. Download from the samples and templates available on this page. Charts like an exercise chart and a measurement chart are also available on this site should you specifically need to create that type of chart.

Uses of Charts

Many people use charts for various purposes. The uses of charts are as follows:

  • Charts can be used in business meetings for viewers to easily understand information, especially when comparing various data in the company.
  • A chart can also be used when making reports in businesses and schools.
  • Using a chart also allows you to effectively lay out the processes of information or data.
  • It allows you to create a summary or overview of a specific data.
  • It enables people to easily understand information, especially when dealing with large quantities of data or information.
  • Charts can also be used to compare, identify the trend, determine the increase or decrease of numbers, etc.
  • Teachers can also make use of charts to effectively teach their students.

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