Restaurants are big and lucrative businesses so, for it to be successful, a restaurant owner must hire someone who is skilled and has enough experience working in restaurants to be a restaurant manager. Like any other job, restaurant owners need to sign an agreement with the person they hired to be the manager of their restaurants. An agreement is important to protect the best interests of both the owners and the manager and know what responsibilities are expected of them. It is also an indicator that the manager is working in a professional and legitimate business. To know how an agreement is made, read the article below.

3+ Restaurant Management Services Agreement Samples

1. Restaurant Management Services Agreement Template

restaurant management services agreement template

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2. Restaurant Management Services Agreement

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3. Restaurant Lease Management Services Agreement

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4. Restaurant Food Management Service Agreement

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What are Restaurant Management Services?

Restaurant management service is the process of ensuring that restaurants run smoothly and efficiently. It mainly manages the day-to-day operations of the restaurant to make sure they provide the best experience to their guests and lessen inefficient and counterproductive processes that hinder the restaurant from functioning well. Restaurant managers are the ones responsible for this type of work.

Details to Include in a Restaurant Management Services Agreement

1. Parties Involved in the Agreement

At the beginning of your agreement, it should include the names and addresses of the parties involved. Include the type of business entity if the parties are businesses.

2. Services to be Done

The next section of the agreement is where you will list down the services that the restaurant manager is expected to do and deliver. Specify their working hours in a day, the materials or resources they need to do their job efficiently. Below is a sample list of the roles and responsibilities that a restaurant manager does:

  • Selection, promotion, and supervision of staff
  • Establish prices for every menu
  • Negotiation of any leases arrangements with the restaurant owner’s approval
  • Procurement and maintenance of licenses and permits required to operate the restaurant
  • Submit budget reports to the owner
  • Oversee the promotion and marketing of the restaurant
  • Maintain the accounting system, operating conditions of the restaurant, and bookkeeping records

3.  Fees and Payment Schedules

This section is where you include the terms on how the restaurant manager is paid; is their service fee charged hourly, weekly, or monthly? Include also the payment schedule and the amount of the payment they will receive.

4. Effective Date of the Agreement

The next section of the agreement is where you will state the effective date of the agreement. Usually, the effective date of the agreement is when both parties sign the agreement but this can be discussed with both parties of when they want the effective date will occur. Below this, include the date of when the restaurant manager will work on their first day. Include also other important information such as provisions like termination of the agreement if one of the parties fails to show up or do their role.

5. Signature Line

Conclude the agreement by providing a space for signatures and dates for the parties involved in the agreement. A signature line and date (the date is important to indicate when the agreement was signed) are important to make the agreement legal. To prevent anyone from claiming later that they didn’t sign the agreement, have the signatures notarized.


What is the importance of restaurant management?

Restaurant management is important because it focuses on providing customers with good dining experiences that live up to the best standards of dining such as efficiently managing the operations of the whole restaurant. Having good restaurant operations can increase the profitability of the restaurant.

What skills are needed to be a restaurant manager?

To become a restaurant manager, one must have excellent customer service skills, be commercially aware, flexible, have good interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, organizational, and teamwork skills.

Once you’re done drafting the agreement, make sure to review it first and check to see if there are any errors or wrong information being input. Discuss it first with your client and reach a mutual agreement with the contents of the contract before signing it. To help you get started making the contract, download our free sample templates above to use as your guide!

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